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95% of hacks and data leaks are caused by human error. Guardey’s security awareness game teaches your employees to recognize and neutralize cyber threats.

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Guardey gets your employees to care

  • Repetition
    Fight the forgetting curve. Build lasting behaviour change with weekly challenges that take 3 minutes to complete.
  • Gamification
    Keep employees engaged with a leaderboard and reward achievements.
  • Up-to-date content
    A team of ethical hackers and educationalists add content about the latest cyber threats every week.
Discover our security awareness solution →
Cyber Awareness gamification
Discover our security awareness solution →

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Guardey provides affordable and user-friendly cybersecurity without the need for complex and costly programs.

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“We used to offer yearly security awareness training, but our employees still clicked a link during a phishing test. Since we started using Guardey, our team is more engaged in training and a recent phishing test saw an improvement of 84%.”

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The majority of data leaks and hacks are caused by human error. We created Guardey to make security awareness training engaging, recurring and effective.

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