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Do you want to help your customers to work safely inside and outside the office? This is possible as a partner of Guardey. With Guardey you sell more than just software.

Become a Guardey Partner
More than software

The one-in-all cyber security solutions for your customers

Besides our software, alerts from a user can be handled by you as the IT partner. You & your organizations will also receive a notification when an alert is sent. Depending on the alarm, you can provide support and handle the notification before it is too late.


In this way, you provide the best services to your customer, and you earn from Guardey in several ways; per user and for the extra support, as a whole solution.

Become a Partner

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Together we take care of your customers

There is no better time than now to become a partner of Guardey. Together we ensure that your customers can work safely online at any location. Both you and your customers have insight into the online risks and dangers. And by directly assisting your customer, you completely unburden them in the field of IT security.

Benefits as a partner

Recurring earning

Scalable and unique solution

Extra support as upsell

Online management environment

Don’t take our word

“Dapper did not have to deal with cyber threats itself. However, we became acutely aware of the risks when one of our clients did.”

Tycho Luijten

CEO & Founder of Dapper Growth Agency
  • 6 countries

    Worked safely online from

  • 96%

    Of employees more cyber aware

  • 125+

    Devices monitored

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“During a marketing event, I became aware of the risks of cyber threats. We could certainly do better. I started looking for a not too technical and complicated solution. That's how I ended up at Guardey. They were exactly what I was looking for.”

Cansu Yigit

Senior Online Marketeer at Dutch Blue
  • 18 employees

    Work safely hybrid

  • 100+

    TB traffic analysed

  • 35+

    Devises monitored

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