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Take your organization's online security to the next level with the Guardey Game!

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The Guardey Game is an exciting way to train your colleagues to become cybersecurity experts

Complete weekly challenges

Enrich your cybersecurity knowledge through weekly challenges that can be done in 2 to 3 minutes.

Work together with colleagues

In the Guardey Game, each employee starts his own fictional company. Score points and work with your colleagues.

Obtain achievements and earn certificates

Good work is rewarded, of course. There are more than 100 different achievements and certificates to earn.

Track your employees' progression

With the help of a well-organized Learning Management System, you keep track of your organization's progress.

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Increase knowledge about cyber threats

With the Guardey Game we train your employees so they become more aware and smarter about cybersecurity in a exciting and accessible way.


Number of cyber threats due to human error

207 days

Time to detect an average burglary


Increase in cybercrime in 2022 vs. 2021

The Guardey game not only provides more knowledge about cybersecurity and potential threats, it is also a good way to better understand this somewhat tough subject matter. Moreover, the competition element ensures that you continue to gain knowledge on a daily basis.

Thomas Stoffer
Brand & UX Design

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The best addition to your current cybersecurity toolstack



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Increase cyber risk knowledge within your team

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Included in Game Only:
  • 14-day free trial
  • Weekly challenges
  • Leaderboard & achievements
  • Learning Management System
  • Custom Challenges & Achievements
  • Secure connection & alerts
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