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Cookie statement

Various cookies can be placed via our website. This concerns the website:

Below we explain what cookies are, what they do, which cookies are used on the website and why.

What do cookies do?
Cookies are small (text) files that a web page server places on your computer, tablet or other electronic device (hereinafter “computer”) when you visit a web page. Because a cookie is on your computer, the web page server can recognize your computer. A cookie cannot start programs or spread viruses.

Cookies have a certain period of validity from the moment they are placed on a computer. After the validity period expires, the cookie is deleted by your browser. For some cookies, the duration of the browser session is the validity period, but there are also cookies that remain valid for longer so that they can also be read on a subsequent visit to our website. Insofar as we collect personal data from you using cookies, we process it in accordance with our privacy statement.

Cookies on our website
Functional (necessary) cookies, analytical cookies are placed via our website, as well as cookies related to social media options and tracking cookies for offering relevant content.

Functional (necessary) cookies
We use a functional cookie that is necessary to enable navigation on the website. This cookie (“ASP.NET_SessionId”) is only valid for the duration of your browser session. In order to remember your choice to accept or refuse our cookies, it is necessary that we place a functional cookie (cookieAccepted). This cookie is valid for a maximum duration of two years.

These are our own cookies and can only be read by authorized employees of [customer]. [customer] does not share the collected data with third parties, except for any obligation to do so.

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies record how visitors navigate on our website. With this information, the use of our website can be analysed. We use the knowledge obtained to improve our website.

We use the Google Analytics service for this. In this context, analytical cookies are placed via our website from the provider of this service: Google Inc. On the basis of the data collected with these cookies, Google prepares anonymous reports for [customer] regarding the use of our website. We have set the Google Analytics cookies ‘privacy friendly’, in line with the recommendation of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. As a result, we process less data from you. For more information about these cookies and their period of validity, please refer to the Google website (link). Google also offers the option to opt out of data collection in the context of Google Analytics (link). More information about the use of cookies by Google can be found here.

Social media cookies
To offer visitors to our websites the opportunity to share content, we have placed social media buttons on our website.

For the functioning of these buttons, social media companies, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google, place cookies so that they can recognize you when you are logged in to that social network. They also collect data about the page you share. For more information about the data that social media companies collect, we refer to the privacy statements of these companies. These can change regularly.


The cookies related to social media are not placed or read by us, but by the relevant social media provider. We have limited knowledge and no control over these cookies. We therefore accept no responsibility or liability for these social media cookies or for how the relevant social media providers handle the collected information.

Tracking cookies
Met uw toestemming plaatsen wij cookies op uw apparatuur, welke kan worden opgevraagd zodra u onze websites bezoekt. Wanneer u onze websites gebruikt verzamelen we (een deel) van uw IP-adres, type browser, besturingssysteem en applicatieversie, taalinstellingen, de pagina via welke u naar onze website bent gekomen en de pagina’s van onze website die u heeft bezocht. Ook verzamelen we informatie over de respons op e-mailberichten. Als u onze website via een mobiel apparaat bezoekt, verzamelen we ook informatie over het merk van uw mobiele apparaat en andere specifieke kenmerken van het apparaat.

Het daardoor opgebouwde profiel is niet gekoppeld aan uw naam, adres, e-mailadres en dergelijke, maar dient alleen om content af te stemmen op uw profiel, zodat deze zo veel mogelijk relevant voor u zijn.

Weigeren en verwijderen van cookies
U kunt uw browser zo instellen dat er geen cookies worden opgeslagen, u elke cookie kan toestaan of weigeren of dat alle cookies verwijderd worden bij het afsluiten van uw browser.

Cookies worden geplaatst op elke computer waarmee u websites bezoekt. Wilt u helemaal geen cookies meer ontvangen, dan dient u de instellingen aan te passen op alle computers die u gebruikt.

Let wel, als u cookies weigert en/of verwijdert, is dit ook van invloed op de strikt noodzakelijke cookies. Dit kan mogelijk de functionaliteit van onze website beperken.

Als u vragen heeft over het gebruik van cookies, neemt u contact met ons op.

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