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Security awareness training for the education sector

The education industry deals with many cyber risks, from student data leaks to cyberbullying. Guardey offers gamified security awareness training that teaches education professionals recognize and report cyber threats.

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Schools training cyber security

Drive behavior change among teachers and students

Guardey is built to meet the security awareness training requirements of schools. We remind teachers to shut off smart boards after class and train students on how to spot and report cyberbullying.

Keep users engaged with gamification

Learning about cyber security shouldn’t be boring. Guardey increases engagement with a fun and relevant storyline and a leaderboard to encourage friendly competition among employees.

A Guardey challenge

Bite-sized challenges for efficient learning

Our attention spans are shorter than ever. Guardey challenges take no more than three minutes to complete. This makes it easy to play in between classes or during a lunch break — before you get the chance to be distracted.

Guardey's insights dashboard

Comply with your country’s education security standard

Many schools are required to comply with information security standards, such as the DfE Cyber Standards in the UK or the Normenkader IBP in the Netherlands. With Guardey, you can prove compliance with weekly reports and in-depth analytics.

Loved by employees, security teams, and CISOs

“The team has been sharing screenshots of Guardey's leaderboard in our WhatsApp group. Everybody is keen on getting the top spot, which is a great boost for everybody to keep playing and learning about cyber security.”

De Vlinder

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