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Keep employees engaged with gamification

No more long-winded videos or boring e-learning. Keep users engaged with gamified security awareness training.

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Simulate real-life repercussions

Each user starts a fictional organization to simulate real-life cyber threats and consequences. When a user succeeds, their organization’s revenue grows.

Reward good scores with badges

Users unlock new levels every time they hit a milestone. After completing enough challenges, they reach legendary status.

Engage in friendly competition

Colleagues compete for the top spot on a company-wide leaderboard by performing well in challenges. Friendly competition has proven to increase engagement rates within organizations.

Loved by employees, security teams, and CISOs

“As a medical institution, we have specific security measurements in place to protect patient data. This includes how we control access to our computers, the place of personal electronic devices at work, and how to act in case of a cybersecurity-related issue. So we wanted to be able to customize the training content to add that information.”

Kim van Polanen

Operational Manager
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“Being ISO 27001 certified comes with many responsibilities for our employees. This means we have to make our staff aware of cyber threats and be able to show that we’re doing enough to do so. That's why we use Guardey.”

Dan Roozemond

Data science lead
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“We’re a competitive bunch, so that’s a nice touch. These gamification elements make it fun to play Guardey, which also helps us to remember the information.”

Raymond Pikee

Team Lead
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