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Security awareness quiz for employees: the 7 best options

Getting your employees onboard with learning about cyber security can be difficult. Even if they understand the importance of security, participation and engagement in training programs often leave much to be required.

But there’s a way to make learning about cyber security more entertaining, engaging, and effective.

With a security awareness quiz for employees, you can get your organization to learn about cyber threats in a playful manner.

There are a lot of different options available on the market. From free one-time quizzes to long-term training solutions that drive real behavior change.

In this article, we listed the best cyber security quizzes for employees that we came across.

Final verdict: the 7 best security awareness quizzes for employees

  1. Guardey
  2. The Weakest Link
  3. Cyber Circus
  4. FootballCyber Awareness Challenge 2024 Fever
  5. Counterintelligence Trivia Twirl
  6. Deepspace Danger
  7. Cyber Awareness Challenge 2024

1. Guardey

Guardey is a cyber security quiz that takes users on a journey. In weekly quizzes, users get to grow their fictional company by getting as many questions as possible right. If they get too many questions wrong, their fictional company loses money and sees its reputation decline.

Each question is followed up with precise feedback so that employees learn from the mistakes they’ve made.

By doing a 3-minute quiz about cyber security every week, employees build up knowledge slowly over time. This is a much more effective learning method than yearly training where participants are stuffed with information they can’t retain for longer than a week or two.

The Guardey quiz covers a wide array of topics, including:

  • Remote work
  • Phishing
  • AI risks
  • CEO fraud
  • Malware
  • Software updates

And the list goes on.

Admins can add their own quizzes in Guardey’s learning management system (LMS). This is especially helpful when your employees need to take security precautions that are specific to your organization or industry.


  • Weekly quizzes for long-term usage
  • Added gamification elements with a storyline and leaderboard
  • Wide range of topics put together by ethical hackers and educationalists


  • It’s not free, but is affordable and offers a 14-day trial

2. The Weakest Link

Another cyber security quiz was developed by IS Decisions. It covers a wide array of topics and it will take you about an hour to get through all the questions.

What I like best about this quiz is the direct feedback you get after every question, which is something that is lacking in a lot of cyber security quizzes. It is elaborate and on-point, giving the user more in-depth information after answering a question.

Because it’s relatively short — unless you’re looking for a quiz for a one-time event — it’s not a great option for long-term cyber security education.


  • It’s free
  • High-quality feedback
  • Great for one-time usage


  • Limited gamification elements
  • Not a long-term option

3. Cyber Circus

This cyber security quiz was put together by the Texas A&M University, based on a circus theme. The quiz aims to get university students to learn about cyber security playfully. The circus theme makes for an entertaining quiz, but doesn’t relate to the real-life repercussions of a cyber attack.

Even though the quiz was created for students, it still has some valuable content for employees too.

Aside from quizzes, the cyber circus also comes with some games such as the Hoop Shoot. Every time you answer a quiz question right, you get to throw a basketball, which is a nice touch.


  • It’s free
  • Comes with additional games
  • Instant feedback


  • The circus theme isn’t relevant for most employees
  • Only a solution for short-term usage

4. Football Fever

The Texas A&M University developed another quiz called Football Fever, which is — you guessed it — based on an American football theme.

During the quiz, you get cyber security questions but packaged in an American football theme. It’s clever and fun, but a bit distracting from the real-life consequences that cyber attacks can have.

If you fail to answer a question correctly (”Interception!”), you are given feedback instantly.

Again, this cyber security quiz is a fun way to freshen up your team’s cyber security knowledge during a one-time event, but not a long-term training solution.


  • It’s free
  • You receive instant feedback
  • The American football storyline is entertaining


  • Not a long-term training solution
  • A bit childish

5. Counterintelligence Trivia Twirl

Who doesn’t like to spin the wheel? It’s a nice touch to this security awareness quiz called Counterintelligence Trivia Twirl. After spinning the wheel, you get assigned a quiz with questions about a specific category. It’s a fun one-off exercise that you can do with colleagues, but since it can be completed in about 20 minutes, it’s not a solution for long-term training purposes.


  • It’s free
  • Spinning the wheel is a nice touch of gamification


  • Not a long-term solution for training
  • Not all relevant cyber threats are covered

6. Deepspace Danger

Another security awareness quiz for employees with a creative theme is called Deepspace Danger. The quiz is part of a game that is situated in outer space. You get to see a lot of long animated videos that tell the story. In short: you have to answer questions about cyber security right to make it back to earth safely.

Since there is only one question after every video, it takes a while to complete.


  • Made for long-term training
  • Very creative animations


  • The theme is not related to business
  • The videos take up a lot of time
  • The pricing for this solution is not stated on the website

7. Cyber Awareness Challenge 2024

The US Department of Defense created its own cyber security quiz too. For obvious reasons, cyber security awareness is essential for its employees. The quiz is part of a game that looks somewhat outdated and uses animated videos. The quiz covers a wide array of topics, including USB sticks, social engineering, phishing, and more.

The videos are somewhat outdated, which makes it time-consuming for your employees to complete. However, the quality of the questions is good.


  • It’s free
  • The storyline is based on a true business


  • The videos are time-consuming
  • The animations are outdated

Are cyber security quizzes worth your time?

Security awareness should be a key element of any cyber security strategy. No matter how hard you have worked on setting up the best firewall and other means of protection, there is always a cyber criminal that knows how to slip through the cracks. And at that moment, you want your team to know how to act in the face of a cyber threat.

A cyber security quiz is a fun way to train the awareness of your employees, while the more traditional methods may put your employees to sleep. However, you should look for a solution that offers regular quizzes. A one-time quiz is helpful, but only with regular training does the knowledge truly stick with your team members.


There is a wide array of cyber security quizzes for employees that you can choose from. Whether you need a quick free solution to use during a one-time event or a long-term solution to train for lasting behavior change.

Guardey offers weekly quizzes that take up to 3 minutes to complete. It’s a playful way to learn about cyber security while covering all the most important topics that you need to turn employees into a human firewall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gamification?

Gamification is adding game elements into non-game environments, such as security awareness training, to increase participation and foster active learning.

What are the benefits of gamification in security awareness training?

Traditional security awareness training can often be dry and boring. With gamification, the complex subject matter is transformed into an engaging and memorable experience.

By integrating game elements such as challenges, quizzes and rewards, it incentivizes users to actively learn. This makes the training more enjoyable and fosters a sense of competition and achievement. This combination drives better retention and application of cyber security knowledge.

Why is it important to train security awareness on a weekly basis?

Research shows that up to 90% of the learnings from yearly or even quarterly training are forgotten within a few weeks. Guardey was built to keep its users aware of cyber threats 365 days a year. The game comes with short, weekly challenges that slowly builds up the user’s knowledge and eventually drives lasting behavior change.

Which topics are covered in Guardey’s security awareness game?

Guardey covers a wide array of topics to train users about all currently relevant cyber threats, put together in collaboration with ethical hackers and educationalists. The topics covered include phishing, remote work, password security, CEO fraud, ransomware, smishing, and much more.

How much time do the weekly challenges take?

Every challenge takes up to three minutes to complete.

Can I use Guardey to comply with the ISO27001, NIS2, and GDPR security awareness policies?

Yes. ISO27001, NIS2, and GDPR all require that all employees receive appropriate security awareness training. Guardey is always up-to-date with the latest cyber threats, policies, and procedures.

Is security awareness training important for all employees, or just specific roles?

Cybersecurity awareness training is crucial for all employees, not just specific roles. Every staff member can potentially be a target or an unwitting entry point for cyber attacks. Training helps create a security-focused culture and minimizes risks for the entire organization.

While certain roles may require specialized training, a foundational level of training should be accessible to everyone.

In which languages is Guardey available?

Guardey is available in English, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Swedish and Danish.

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