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Security awareness training for healthcare

Patient trust is hard-won. That’s why a data breach needs to be avoided at all costs. Guardey offers gamified security awareness training that teaches healthcare employees to recognize and report cyber threats.

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Train awareness with short challenges

Healthcare employees have little time for lengthy e-learning courses or in-person training. Guardey offers bite-sized challenges that take up to three minutes to complete.

Created for healthcare professionals

Guardey has worked with educationalists and cyber security specialists from the healthcare sector to construct a relevant training program. Our program covers everything from patient privacy to device security.

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Keep users engaged with gamification

Learning about cyber security shouldn’t be boring. Guardey engages users with a fun and relevant storyline and a leaderboard to encourage friendly competition among colleagues.

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Prove HIPAA compliance with reports

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires covered entities to implement a training program for their entire workforce. Guardey enables you to prove compliance with weekly reports on training progress.

Loved by employees, security teams, and CISOs

“As a medical institution, we have specific security measurements in place to protect patient data. This includes how we control access to our computers, the place of personal electronic devices at work, and how to act in case of a cybersecurity-related issue. So we wanted to be able to customize the training content to add that information.”

Kim van Polanen

Operational Manager
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