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Lawyers' data is gold for cybercriminals

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Law firms are often targeted by hackers

More and more law firms worldwide are facing hackers. By definition, lawyers work with confidential information. That data is worth its weight in gold to cybercriminals. The chances of lawyers becoming victims of data theft are therefore above average.


Law firms are increasingly victims of data breaches

It is estimated that some 80 major U.S. law firms were hacked last year mainly by Chinese and Russian hackers. They break in and take systems hostage, stealing sensitive information and releasing it only at a high price. It also causes considerable reputational damage. Because once there is a data breach, all clients must be informed. By the way, small offices are also increasingly targeted. Their data is at least as interesting.

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Human error is in a small corner

If you want to prevent this, working in the cloud is not enough. After all, when you work in the cloud, you are working with someone else’s computer. There can be mistakes in that too, and many companies take advantage of them. By the way, human error is also in a small corner. An office worker at a law firm in Assen, the Netherlands, clicked on a link that appeared to be from a well-known supplier. However, the link turned out to be from cybercriminals and several of the office’s files were taken, hostage. To regain access to the files, a sum of €5,750 in bitcoins was demanded.

Secure sensitive client data

As a lawyer, you have a legal obligation to properly secure the sensitive data of companies and individuals. That the Bar Association takes this issue seriously is evidenced by the topics they have written about. A good example follows.

Here is what we have to say

Law firms are very interesting to hackers. Why?

Confidential documents in court are gold for cybercriminals.

Stock market sensitive information of clients you advise makes information even more valuable

Data you lose is likely to be needed again soon. That's a good bargaining chip for a hacker

Guardey helps keep hackers at bay

Trusted by thousands of businesses to provide 24/7 protection in an affordable and user-friendly manner. Your business data and operations are shielded from cyber threats, whether your team works at the office, at home, or remotely.

  • Seamless Secure Connection
    Instantly establish a rock-solid VPN tunnel for your team to work securely from anywhere.
  • Real-time Threat Defense
    Stay protected 24/7 with advanced monitoring, swiftly tackling viruses and malware threats.
  • Engaging Cyber Awareness Training
    Empower your workforce with fun and effective gamified learning, building a vigilant and security-conscious team.

Don’t take our word for it

“Guardey has proven to keep everybody intrinsically motivated to play the weekly challenges. Since these challenges only take about 3 minutes to complete, it’s always possible to find a bit of time to play.”

Claudia van Meel

Office Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gamification?

Gamification is adding game elements into non-game environments, such as security awareness training, to increase participation and foster active learning.

What are the benefits of gamification in security awareness training?

Traditional security awareness training can often be dry and boring. With gamification, the complex subject matter is transformed into an engaging and memorable experience.

By integrating game elements such as challenges, quizzes and rewards, it incentivizes users to actively learn. This makes the training more enjoyable and fosters a sense of competition and achievement. This combination drives better retention and application of cyber security knowledge.

Why is it important to train security awareness on a weekly basis?

Research shows that up to 90% of the learnings from yearly or even quarterly training are forgotten within a few weeks. Guardey was built to keep its users aware of cyber threats 365 days a year. The game comes with short, weekly challenges that slowly builds up the user’s knowledge and eventually drives lasting behavior change.

Which topics are covered in Guardey’s security awareness game?

Guardey covers a wide array of topics to train users about all currently relevant cyber threats, put together in collaboration with ethical hackers and educationalists. The topics covered include phishing, remote work, password security, CEO fraud, ransomware, smishing, and much more.

How much time do the weekly challenges take?

Every challenge takes up to three minutes to complete.

Can I use Guardey to comply with the ISO27001, NIS2, and GDPR security awareness policies?

Yes. ISO27001, NIS2, and GDPR all require that all employees receive appropriate security awareness training. Guardey is always up-to-date with the latest cyber threats, policies, and procedures.

Is security awareness training important for all employees, or just specific roles?

Cybersecurity awareness training is crucial for all employees, not just specific roles. Every staff member can potentially be a target or an unwitting entry point for cyber attacks. Training helps create a security-focused culture and minimizes risks for the entire organization.

While certain roles may require specialized training, a foundational level of training should be accessible to everyone.

In which languages is Guardey available?

Guardey is available in English, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Swedish and Danish.

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