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Is your company ready for the new European cybersecurity law?

The new European cybersecurity law should better protect European companies from cybercrime. Do you know exactly what the NIS2 means? Test if you are well informed.

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What is NIS2?

We start at the beginning. NIS2 is the new cybersecurity law, the successor to the 2016 NIS. NIS stands for Network and Information Security and focuses on five themes.


Tighter security requirements


Securing the entire supply chain


European guidelines for reporting requirements


Stricter monitoring of cyber measures taken


Equal sanctions in all European member states

NIS2 Sectors

Which companies does the NIS2 apply to?

The new NIS2 applies to critical sectors (just like the previous NIS) as well as important sectors (that’s new).

The critical sectors are: banks and financial institutions, digital infrastructure, digital service providers, energy companies healthcare, transportation companies and water companies.

The important sectors are: waste companies, digital suppliers, financial service providers, public administration, postal and courier services, space industry and rail operators.

What does the NIS2 mandate?

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Duty of Care

Companies under NIS2 must ensure basic security, including data encryption, connection security, and a cybersecurity risk analysis.

Duty to report

In case of a cyber incident or threat, NIS2-subject companies must report to the national authority within 24 hours, followed by a detailed report within a month.


Organizations under the directive are supervised and must comply with obligations, such as care and reporting duties. It's being determined which sectors belong to which regulators.

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