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NIS2 security awareness training

Comply with NIS2 by offering recurring information security awareness training to your employees. Recommended by NIS2 implementers and auditors.

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A Guardey challenge

Ensure security policy awareness

The NIS2 directive emphasizes the importance of promoting awareness of information security. Guardey trains your team to recognize and report cyber threats with weekly, 3-minute micro-challenges.

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Tailor all training content to your employees

NIS2 states that training should be relevant to the roles and responsibilities of the employees. Offer tailored training that fits the cyber risks of specific job functions or departments.

Guardey's insights dashboard

Report training efforts for compliance

Document and report your organization’s training efforts to demonstrate NIS2 compliance during audits. Use Guardey’s in-depth insights to keep a pulse on participation and performance.

Killian from Fendix

We help organizations to safely organize their data and comply with the NIS2 directive. To get certified, you need to invest in the security awareness of your employees.

With Guardey, security awareness training becomes affordable and you don’t need to invest any time in setting it up.

That’s why we advise our clients to use Guardey instead of doing all the heavy lifting of setting up their own training.

Stories from our customers

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“The uptick in training participation has been fantastic. Employees have even set up their own little Guardey competitions internally. So we have the company-wide leaderboard, but the teams themselves are now even having their little competitions in Microsoft Teams group chats. Guardey has brought out the competitive nature in them.”

Jonathan Farrell

Jonathan Farrell

Information and Quality Assurance Manager
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“How much of what is said during a one-time presentation still sticks with you a few months later? With Guardey, our employees are constantly aware of cyber threats.”

Rolf Kapitein

Head of automation at Probedrijven
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