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As a future partner in crime it is nice to know each other well. You already had the name, but who are we?

Guardey is the cybersecurity solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Why? Because we don’t deliver expensive security infrastructure or complicated software. We deliver cybersecurity that is accessible and affordable for everyone.

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Why become a partner?

Are you an IT partner for small or medium-sized businesses? If so, you probably notice that these business owners are increasingly falling victim to cybercrime. And you’ve raised the topic of cybersecurity so many times!

Guardey puts an end to this. We offer you as an IT partner an affordable and accessible cybersecurity solution for your customers. This way you can provide every company with the best cybersecurity. How convenient, right?

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We have many more reasons why we would make a great duo, but we'd love to discuss them with you.

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What are the benefits for you as a partner?



As an IT partner, you have an additional, affordable cybersecurity solution for your SMB customers.

Plus, we help you with sales strategy: win-win!


Upsell possibilities

A hacker prefers to nestle into a system for as long as possible.

With our detection system you can be on the ball with your customer and agree how best to handle this.



You become part of a network of IT partners who share the latest insights, developments and best practices from the market.

Also, you will be given a stage within the community to showcase yourself.

Multi Tenant Platform

You get direct access to our Multi Tenant Platform.

From there you can download the Guardey software and set or change policies.


Our 24/7 Support

We are here for you and your customers day and night.

You can reach us 24/7 via email or chat and by phone during office hours.

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We love that! Simply book a short meeting with me, Marcel Baten, so I can tell you all about Guardey and answer any questions you may have.

Don’t take our word

“Dapper did not have to deal with cyber threats itself. However, we became acutely aware of the risks when one of our clients did.”

Tycho Luijten

CEO & Founder of Dapper Growth Agency
  • 6 countries

    Worked safely online from

  • 96%

    Of employees more cyber aware

  • 125+

    Devices monitored

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“During a marketing event, I became aware of the risks of cyber threats. We could certainly do better. I started looking for a not too technical and complicated solution. That's how I ended up at Guardey. They were exactly what I was looking for.”

Cansu Yigit

Senior Online Marketeer at Dutch Blue
  • 18 employees

    Work safely hybrid

  • 100+

    TB traffic analysed

  • 35+

    Devises monitored

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