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You probably don't pay that much attention to it yet: cybersecurity. Of course you work in the cloud and installed a good antivirus program. That way, you think you're safe or maybe you think a hacker has much less to gain from you, right?

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Cyber​​security is important, also for you

Cyber​security is essential to you. The majority of cybercrime today targets small businesses.

Why? Small businesses have low coverage and are easy prey. Did you know that 95% of all hacks and data breaches result from human error? That won’t stop you with a good antivirus program.

Accessible cybersecurity

Cybersecurity, but accessible

Most existing cybersecurity solutions mainly focus on larger companies. They offer complex and high-quality solutions at a high investment of time and money.

Guardey understands that things have to change. We offer a solution for companies that are most vulnerable to cyber threats, but for whom existing cyber security solutions are not available. In this way we make cyber security accessible to everyone. We also make it understandable for your entire team and above all; affordable.

Guardey makes cybersecurity
accessible to small and medium-sized SMEs

Small and medium businesses are most vulnerable to cyber threats

95% of all hacks and data breaches are the result of human error

Existing cybersecurity solutions mainly target larger companies

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What is Guardey doing to improve your cybersecurity?

Guardey is accessible, understandable and affordable for companies that do not want to spend too much time and money on cybersecurity, but who do see the importance of it. Guardey offers a combined solution for these companies:


Online via a secure connection

With Guardey, all your employees work securely online from anywhere from any device. We provide user-friendly software to work in a safe way. Guardey is accessible, easy to implement and easy to use. It is also very affordable.


Alerts with every cyber threat

Guardey acts directly against viruses, malware and other cyber threats. We do this through online monitoring and detection. This makes it visible to the user what is happening in their network and we give an alarm message in the event of threats.


Complete challenges and learn about cyber security

Guardey goes beyond just providing a secure network. We train your employees through gamification so that they become more aware and smarter about the theme of cyber security in a fun and accessible way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Guardey for free?

Yes, of course! The first 14 days are completely free. You don’t have to enter any payment details and you can discover the software in peace. Even with your whole team! Are you convinced? Leave your payment details in your account and keep your business safe.

Is there an onboarding fee?

No, not with our Basic and Co-Managed packages. Still need more help or do you want to know what to expect during onboarding? Request a demo and get in touch with our sales.

Works Guardey for every business?

Yes! We were founded to help every organization with their cybersecurity. Do you already have various security solutions or do you not yet work 100% from the cloud? Even then we are happy to help you with the implementation of Guardey.

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Don’t take our word

“Dapper did not have to deal with cyber threats itself. However, we became acutely aware of the risks when one of our clients did.”

Tycho Luijten

CEO & Founder of Dapper Growth Agency
  • 6 countries

    Worked safely online from

  • 96%

    Of employees more cyber aware

  • 125+

    Devices monitored

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“During a marketing event, I became aware of the risks of cyber threats. We could certainly do better. I started looking for a not too technical and complicated solution. That's how I ended up at Guardey. They were exactly what I was looking for.”

Cansu Yigit

Senior Online Marketeer at Dutch Blue
  • 18 employees

    Work safely hybrid

  • 100+

    TB traffic analysed

  • 35+

    Devises monitored

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Anouk ter Harmsel

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