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Guardey accessible cybersecurity

Your plug & play cybersecurity solution

Whether your team works at the office, at home or remotely. We protect your business. 24/7 cybersecurity in an accessible and affordable way.

  • Connect via a secure connection
    Work securely online anywhere
  • Cyber threat alerts
    Act instantly on viruses, malware and other cyber threats
  • Stronger together against cyber threats
    Train your employees with gamification
Discover our product
Guardey Accessible cybersecurity
Guardey Accessible cybersecurity
Guardey Accessible cybersecurity
Discover our product

Reasons why you will love Guardey

Protected wherever you and your team want to work

Work remote and with cybersecurity

We send you alerts whenever we notice suspicious activity

Our 24/7 support is always ready to assist you

Get insight and control 
on your online behaviour

Increase your teams knowledge of cybersecurity

Stay one step ahead of cyber criminals

Together we work on your cybersecurity

Never stress about cyber crime again

Guardey provides affordable and user-friendly cybersecurity without the need for complex and costly programs.

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Stronger together against cyber threat

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Data monitored
per second


Realtime cyber threat detection


Cyber security from The Netherlands

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A secure connection

Thanks to Guardey's online monitoring, Dapper has gained a lot of insights into what is happening within their connections

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Tycho Luijten

CEO, Dapper


Devices monitored


Threats detected

We created Guardey to protect SMBs. The majority of the attacks target those who can’t afford a security infrastructure or a skilled IT professional in their team.

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Joeri van de Watering

Founder & CEO, Guardey

The right safety solution for every industry

Anouk ter Harmsel

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