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How Oké Groep trains cyber awareness with gaming

About Oké Groep

The Oké Groep is a multidisciplinary maintenance company. They specialize in architectural maintenance, cleaning and asbestos removal in the Greater Amsterdam and South Holland region in the Netherlands. With 100 of their own employees and several subcontractors, they are a major player in the market and take care of clients from various sectors including housing corporations, healthcare institutions and schools on a daily basis.


After receiving a lot of phishing emails, Oké Groep decided to do a phishing test last year to test the cyber awareness of their employees. During this test, they sent fake emails to see how many would click a possibly harmful link. The result? 29.4% did, which was higher than expected. Even though they offered cyber awareness training via an e-learning tool, many of Oké Groep’s employees still weren’t equipped to recognize a cyber threat that could lead to a data breach.

That’s when Oké Groep knew they had to look for a better way to train their employees to become more aware of cyber threats and act accordingly.


One thing that stood out in the feedback that Oké Groep got from its team was that the cyber awareness training wasn’t effective. The e-learning material was dense and was full of long-winded and boring material. It was hard to take in that much information all at once. With only one training a year, it was even harder to retain all the information.

To offer cyber awareness training that was more engaging and recurring, Oké Groep introduced Guardey. Guardey uses gamification to train cyber awareness with weekly challenges that take up to three minutes to complete. It’s a fun way to learn about complex topics and it builds knowledge retention over time. There is a leader board that shows employees how well they’re doing compared to their team members, which adds a fun element of competition.


After using Guardey for only a few weeks, three main values were defined:

Improved knowledge retention

Employees note that they feel more confident that what they’re learning sticks with them because they are doing a short challenge every week.

Increased engagement

The team is excited to do the challenge every week and see who is on top of the leaderboard.

Better phishing test scores

When Oké Groep did another phishing test recently, the scores had improved by 84%.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a firewall, do I still need Guardey?

Relying solely on a firewall for cyber security leaves your organization vulnerable to evolving and sophisticated threats. Cyber attacks target multiple vectors, including vulnerabilities in software, employee endpoints and web applications. Guardey works in conjunction with the firewall.

Firewalls keep out up to 80% of online risks. With Guardey, it is transparent which online risks did make it through the firewall. In addition, human errors are still too often made, so also train employees to work responsibly online.

I already have a VPN, do I still need Guardey?

It’s good that you are already using a VPN. This makes you invisible to malicious people, but at the end of the day, employees can still be vulnerable by bringing in the wrong orders or wrong websites.

Guardey is more than a business VPN. Guardey also provides monitoring in the VPN tunnel. This detects online risks and allows a quick response.

We are too busy for weekly gamification. Why should I play the gamification?

These days we are all busy, we recognise that 😉 All the more important is employee awareness. Make sure employees don’t accidentally make mistakes due to pressure. After all, that only creates extra work.

That’s why our challenges are only a maximum of 5 minutes and can be done quickly in between. A new challenge becomes available every week. As an organisation, do you want to play these challenges every week, every two weeks or every month? Of course, that’s no problem either.

Can I also play just the gamification?

Short answer: yes! It is possible to play just the gamification.

Have you already taken sufficient cyber security measures for your employees in the office and outside the office? But can awareness still be worked on? Then you can also play just the gamification. This can already be done very easily in just the browser. Check out our game only package here.

Is Guardey effective against phishing attempts?

Phishing is especially dangerous when you don’t know you’re dealing with phishing. That’s why our cyber awarness game is the first step against phishing. Make people aware of the dangers and make sure they have the right knowledge so they don’t click on anything.

Further Guardey plays a crucial role in detecting suspicious online activities. For instance, if a member of your organization interacts with a website known for hosting phishing content, Guardey will promptly alert you about the potential risk. By providing this proactive alert system, Guardey aids in preventing users within your organization from falling prey to phishing scams.

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