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The 7 best compliance quizzes for employees

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Pim de Vos Marketing Manager

Many information security regulations require companies to train their employees on cyber security.

That’s why there has been a fast rise in compliance quizzes for employees.

In these quizzes, employees learn about topics such as phishing, CEO fraud, password safety, and their organization’s overall security policy.

In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know to find the best compliance quiz for your employees.

What are the best compliance quizzes for employees?

1. Guardey

Guardey is a compliance quiz for employees based on gamification. During weekly or monthly challenges, users learn about cyber security topics such as phishing, password security, device security, and more.

When it comes to compliance with standards such as NIS2 and ISO 27001, tracking training progress is key. That’s why Guardey offers in-depth analytics and weekly reports that provide insights into how your users are doing.

Guardey’s compliance quiz offers a fun competitive element that keeps users engaged. In a company or team-wide leaderboard, colleagues can see who is performing the best. They can climb up the ranks by scoring points during the quizzes.

Best features

  • Gamification for higher engagement
  • Wide range of topics
  • Available in 10+ languages
  • 14-day free trial


“We evaluated a couple of different security awareness training solutions and concluded that Guardey is the best fit for our customers. The main reason is that Guardey uses a lot of gamification elements to engage users. It has a storyline, short challenges, and a leaderboard, which causes friendly competition among colleagues.”Source

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2. Hoxhunt

Hoxhunt is one of the biggest names in cyber security training. They provide training solutions for employees across a range of different fields, including everything from internet services to manufacturing. Their training materials are backed up with plenty of assessments and checks to ensure that users are gaining an understanding of important cybersecurity topics.

As well as phishing simulations that learners need to beat, Hoxhunt provides fast, fun security awareness quizzes that tackle vital topics like secure remote working, how to resist social engineering, and securing sensitive information. Each compliance quiz is quick to complete, rewarding success and using mistakes as an opportunity for additional learning.

Best features

  • Gamification elements
  • Wide variety of topics
  • Phishing simulations


Hoxhunt’s training materials and quizzes are rated highly by most managers and learners. On, for example, they have received more than 2,000 positive reviews from people who have adopted the platform for their organizations. There are a few criticisms, notably that the training ceiling is low for some highly skilled users.

3. KnowBe4

KnowBe4 offers in-depth and specific compliance training for employees, focusing on compliance with regulations as well as internal policies. Training is modular, allowing companies to develop their own training programs. Most of the KnowBe4 training modules include a final compliance quiz on the material, with the option for trainers to track scores.

Each quiz is specific to the material in a particular module, helping users identify weak spots for further training. Each compliance quiz for employees is thorough but not time-consuming, with score tracking to help give an overview of a learner’s ongoing development.

Many users note that KnowBe4 is highly customizable, but also takes up a lot of time from their team. It’s advised to have at least one FTE fully focused on security awareness within your organization before starting to use KnowBe4.

Best features

  • Modular training materials
  • Effective compliance testing
  • Score tracking


KnowBe4’s materials are widely praised for being engaging and efficient, with the interactive quizzes an integral part of shaping behavior change in users.

4. Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf is a security operations company that provides security services and managed security awareness products. It offers one-platform compliance training solutions that cover a range of different topics, including a compliance test for employees in each section. Among their products is the Compliance Content Pack, covering compliance in the realms of finance, health and safety, HR, and security. This allows organizations to tailor their training more closely to the needs of each department.

To ensure that learners understand the information as they go, Arctic Wolf provides interactive quiz sessions (both stand-alone and as end-of-module tests). Arctic Wolf’s quizzes are engaging and applicable across a variety of contexts, from HIPAA compliance to PCI.

Best features

  • Specialized training materials
  • Engaging quizzes


Arctic Wolf’s training materials and quizzes are generally well-received by users, with high scores on trustworthy review sites.

5. Proofpoint

Proofpoint is a cyber security solutions provider that offers training as part of its product range. Its products are widely used, including by Fortune 100 companies. As part of its ethos, Proofpoint heavily emphasizes the crucial importance mitigating of human-based risk through training. They provide the PSAT (Proofpoint Security Awareness Training), a program that takes learners through the ins and outs of security thoroughly and engagingly.

Learners are provided with booklets, videos, and other content, all leading to tests and quizzes for evaluation. Regular quizzes and compliance tests help learners gauge their progress and identify areas where additional training may be required. Each compliance quiz for employees covers an important area for compliance with regulations.

Best features

  • Great for enterprise organizations
  • Also offers other security products


Reviewers have praised Proofpoint’s training materials and compliance test capabilities, awarding it overwhelmingly high marks on reliable review sites.

6. Phished

As you’d expect from a company named Phished, this platform emphasizes phishing prevention alongside the related threats of vishing (malicious video calls) and smishing (malicious SMS and text communications). Phished’s products are well-regarded in the world of cyber security training. Phished uses short, information-rich training sessions, each one leading up to a compliance quiz for employees. These quizzes, referred to as checkpoints, give both learners and their managers a clearer picture of their understanding of compliance-related issues.

Phished is widely used and offers many attractive features. Phished’s training and quizzes are automated, ensuring that learners are regularly served training materials and tests that are tailored to their specific needs based on user behavior.

Best features

  • Affordability
  • Automation


Phished can boast a high level of customer satisfaction, with the vast majority of respondents appraising it positively. It has garnered a 98.9 percent approval rating according to trusted review sites.


ESET offers a range of digital security products, including cyber security training materials and programs. These include regular quizzes to keep users engaged and monitor their progress, with a compliance quiz for employees at crucial stages in training. The material and the compliance quizzes are broad in scope, providing insight and fresh information even for the more experienced and cyber-savvy user.

ESET makes use of gamification to reward learning and encourage users to progress through the material, with scored compliance quizzes that offer users a better understanding of their own skill levels. As well as standard quizzes, ESET also allows managers to create simulated phishing emails to test staff on their compliance with social engineering prevention protocols.

Best features

  • Gamification
  • Phishing simulations


ESET Security Awareness Training is a popular and successful cyber security compliance product, with high scores on reliable review sites and generally very positive feedback. Some customers report that the dashboard lacks user-friendliness, making this a better choice for those who already possess a degree of technical knowledge.


In recent times, training your personnel to understand the risks they face online has become more important than ever. That’s why information security standards such as NIS2, ISO 27001, and more state that organizations need to offer regular training.

With Guardey’s gamified compliance quiz, your employees get regular training about the most important cyber risks. This makes them aware of possible dangers and enables them to recognize and report possible hacking attempts or data leaks.

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