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Why International Security Partners switched from in-person awareness training to gamification

Our partner International Security Partners is a risk management organization that works for some of the biggest corporate brands in The Netherlands. They offer services ranging from pre-employment screening and integrity investigation to cyber security.

We talked to Evert Slaman, general manager at International Security Partners, about how they stopped offering their customers traditional in-person security awareness training and now introduce them to Guardey’s gamified solution.

The challenge to replace labor-intensive training

“We used to offer in-person security awareness training to our customers, but this way of training has some limitations.”

“First of all, you can’t do in-person training regularly, which is why it often happens only once a year. It’s also quite time-consuming. We used to make custom training materials for each specific organization or department. A trainer would have to go to the physical location and could usually train about 15 people at a time during a session of 1,5 hours. This becomes a huge task when an organization has 500 employees or more.”

“So we were looking for a security awareness training solution that employees could use to train regularly and wasn’t as labor intensive as our old method.”

Why Guardey was the best fit for International Security Partner’s customers

“We evaluated a couple of different security awareness training solutions and concluded that Guardey is the best fit for our customers. The main reason is that Guardey uses a lot of gamification elements to engage users. It has a storyline, short challenges, and a leaderboard, which causes friendly competition among colleagues.”

“Aside from the standard training content, Guardey also allows us to add custom training content. This is important for organizations that have specific security policies that don’t necessarily match with Guardey’s content. We can even use user-generated content from organizations within similar industries, which is very helpful and saves us time.”

“We have even decided to start using Guardey ourselves. If you offer your customers a product and you’re excited about it, I believe it’s important that you use it yourself too. So far, we really enjoy training with Guardey, even as security professionals.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gamification?

Gamification is adding game elements into non-game environments, such as security awareness training, to increase participation and foster active learning.

What are the benefits of gamification in security awareness training?

Traditional security awareness training can often be dry and boring. With gamification, the complex subject matter is transformed into an engaging and memorable experience.

By integrating game elements such as challenges, quizzes and rewards, it incentivizes users to actively learn. This makes the training more enjoyable and fosters a sense of competition and achievement. This combination drives better retention and application of cyber security knowledge.

Why is it important to train security awareness on a weekly basis?

Research shows that up to 90% of the learnings from yearly or even quarterly training are forgotten within a few weeks. Guardey was built to keep its users aware of cyber threats 365 days a year. The game comes with short, weekly challenges that slowly builds up the user’s knowledge and eventually drives lasting behavior change.

Which topics are covered in Guardey’s security awareness game?

Guardey covers a wide array of topics to train users about all currently relevant cyber threats, put together in collaboration with ethical hackers and educationalists. The topics covered include phishing, remote work, password security, CEO fraud, ransomware, smishing, and much more.

How much time do the weekly challenges take?

Every challenge takes up to three minutes to complete.

Can I use Guardey to comply with the ISO27001, NIS2, and GDPR security awareness policies?

Yes. ISO27001, NIS2, and GDPR all require that all employees receive appropriate security awareness training. Guardey is always up-to-date with the latest cyber threats, policies, and procedures.

Is security awareness training important for all employees, or just specific roles?

Cybersecurity awareness training is crucial for all employees, not just specific roles. Every staff member can potentially be a target or an unwitting entry point for cyber attacks. Training helps create a security-focused culture and minimizes risks for the entire organization.

While certain roles may require specialized training, a foundational level of training should be accessible to everyone.

In which languages is Guardey available?

Guardey is available in English, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Swedish and Danish.

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