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This fire department credits Guardey with measurable security awareness improvements

Pim de Vos Marketing Manager

About Gezamenlijke Brandweer Amsterdam

Gezamenlijke Brandweer Amsterdam (United Fire Department Amsterdam) offers incident response in the western industrial area of Amsterdam. All its employees have been specially educated, trained, and equipped to act in this specific area.


Security is a top priority for Gezamenlijke Brandweer Amsterdam. They believe that they have an exemplary role in taking the right safety measures and also want to take that responsibility in the digital realm.

Security awareness training plays a big part in complying with the NIS2 directive too. This is a guideline that should make companies within the European Union more secure and resilient against cyber crime. As an essential company, the fire department is required to train its employees in recognizing cyber threats and acting accordingly


‚ÄúWe were looking for a training solution that was recurring and fun to do. I don‚Äôt believe yearly training works, especially when the training style is boring for the employees. When I saw that the European Parlement had started to use Guardey, I was convinced that we had to give it a shot,‚ÄĚ says Raymond Pikee, team lead at Gezamenlijke Brandweer Amsterdam.

In Guardey, the firefighters will take on weekly challenges that take about three minutes to complete. In the leaderboard, they can see how well they are doing compared to colleagues, which boosts the internal competition. ‚ÄúWe‚Äôre a competitive bunch, so that‚Äôs a nice touch. These gamification elements make it fun to play Guardey, which also helps us to remember the information.‚ÄĚ


Pikee defined three main values of using Guardey.

Engaged employees

The team is intrinsically motivated to play Guardey every week. The competitive element and fast-paced gameplay keep everybody engaged.

Tracking performance

Pikee can track how his team performs in Guardey’s analytics. The report shows activity, score per module, and the current level of his employees.

NIS2 compliance

By using Guardey, Gezamenlijke Brandweer Amsterdam complies to the NIS2 guideline that requires essential companies to offer their employees security awareness training.

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