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How De Vlinder trains security awareness with Guardey

Pim de Vos Marketing Manager

About De Vlinder

One of the biggest misconceptions about cyber criminals is that they only focus on big organizations. No less than 46% of all data leaks impact businesses with less than 1000 employees. This means that every organization, no matter its size, needs to make sure its team is aware of modern cyber threats.

De Vlinder is a professional childcare organization and has been active in The Netherlands since 2007. They offer fast and personal mediation between childminders and parents. With 10 employees, they too can be described as a small business that cares deeply about the safety of customer data.


De Vlinder stores a lot of customer data and feels responsible for keeping it safe and secure. The customer data includes sensitive data, such as financial information.

Tamara van de Ven, owner of De Vlinder, describes the situation before she and the team started using Guardey. “We regularly got emails that we weren’t sure about. In those cases we’d ask each other, ‘do you think this is phishing?’. And we didn’t always feel equipped to answer those questions. We also dealt with a case of CEO fraud, where a cyber criminal tried to pose as me and get one of my employees to wire them money. That’s when I realized our team needed sufficient training.”


“It was important for us that a security awareness solution was going to be easy to implement. We’re already busy, and were looking for a training method that is accessible and preferably fun,” says van de Ven. With this in mind, De Vlinder’s IT partner TVP Automatiseringen found Guardey to be the best solution.

Guardey is a security awareness game that teaches employees about the most important and recent cyber threats. Every week, the user takes on a 3-minute challenge about a specific cyber security topic such as phishing, CEO fraud, and malware. Because users train every week, their knowledge slowly increases. This helps them to remember what they’ve learned over time.

In the leaderboard, users can see how their scores are stacking up against their colleagues. This adds a fun competitive element. “The team has been sharing screenshots of the leaderboard in our WhatsApp group. Everybody is keen on getting the top spot, which is a great boost for everybody to keep playing and learning,” says van de Ven.


Van de Ven defined three main values of using Guardey.

Easy implementation

“Getting started was easy. We were literally set up in a matter of minutes,” says van de Ven.

Weekly challenges

On average, 90% of the information learned during training is often forgotten after a week. This is called ‘the forgetting curve’. By taking on short weekly challenges, the team at De Vlinder slowly builds up and retains cyber security knowledge.

Competitive element

The team at De Vlinder is motivated to play the weekly challenges by Guardey’s leaderboard. The higher your scores, the better your chances at ending above your colleagues.

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