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Introduce the power of gamification in security awareness with Guardey's unique approach. This page will help you get to a more cyber-aware organisation, step by step. Ready to transform your organisation? Security Awareness starts here!


Convince is your toolbox to effectively communicate why security awareness is essential for every layer of your organisation. Whether you need to convince colleagues, executives or your entire team, we give you the knowledge, insights and tools to get everyone on board.

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It’s time to introduce Guardey to your colleagues. In this phase, we help you convey our unique approach to cybersecurity awareness. With practical examples and clear explanations, you will make the benefits of Guardey visible and tangible to your team. Together, we build a stronger, safer organization.



In the ‘Activate’ phase, we guide you through the actual deployment of Guardey within your organisation. We provide you with tools to get everyone on board and ensure a successful, challenging launch. Together, we make security awareness an integrated and living part of your organisation’s weekly routine.