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GOOSE Business becoming Guardey

In 2016 we started GOOSE VPN for the private market. After much demand from the business market, the GOOSE Business branch was created. In recent years we have received feedback from our customers and partners and from there, an improved product for the business market has been created, called Guardey!

What is Guardey?

SMEs are often insufficiently protected against cybercrime. Did you know that 95% of all hacks and data breaches are the result of human error? Guardey makes cybersecurity accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. SMEs also deserve the best security.


How do you improve your cyber security with Guardey?

  • You and your team are online with a secure connection
  • Receive an alert for every cyber threat
  • Learn about cybersecurity by completing challenges
Together we work on your cybersecurity

What’s going to change?

Our B2B product GOOSE Business becomes Guardey. In Guardey, you have a VPN and detection software for cyber attacks. In addition, you will be able to use the cyberlearning environment at Guardey, with which you and your team can gain more knowledge and experience about cybersecurity through gamification.

What does this mean for you?

We want to migrate our current GOOSE Business customers from GOOSE Business to Guardey in 6 weeks. You decide when those 6 weeks start. You just have to indicate it to us via this link and we will create a Guardey account for you.


What can you do in the 6-week period?

  1. Create a Guardey account for you and your organization via this page
  2. Invite colleagues to try Guardey, this can be done in the portal
  3. Connect IT-Partner if desired
Your Plug & Play Cybersecurity solution

Request a demo

Would you like to learn more about Guardey? Feel free to request a demo via this link, in which we show you how Guardey works. We are always ready to assist you during the transition from GOOSE Business to Guardey.

Do you have a question? Reassure them!

We hope to have made it clear why we are stopping GOOSE Business and have started Guardey. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my GOOSE business account still exist during the migration period of 6 weeks?

Yes, as long as you as an organization have not yet definitively transferred to Guardey, GOOSE will remain operational until the end of your contract period.

Should I immediately invite my colleagues?

No, that can also be done at a later stage. But you can try Guardey for 6 weeks with your whole team.

I don't have an IT-Partner, is that mandatory?

It is not mandatory to hook up an IT Partner, but we do recommend it. If there is a high priority report of a cyber threat, the IT Partner can make the first diagnosis. If you want to designate someone within your organization for this, you can give him or her admin rights.

Do you know a good IT partner for me?

Yes, we work together with the best IT partners in the Netherlands. If you don’t have an IT Partner yet, but we want one, we will put you in touch with one.

What happens if I don't want to continue with Guardey after this period?

That seems strong to us because with Guardey you get more for the same money. If so, your GOOSE business account will continue to exist until the end of your contract period. Renewing is not possible afterwards.

When will I pay for Guardey?

If you choose to continue with Guardey, the payment for GOOSE will end as a business. Payment for Guardey starts immediately afterwards.

Is there an onboarding program?

Yes, we have a Customer Success Manager at Guardey who is happy to help you implement Guardey in your organization.

What does Guardey cost?

Guardey is an investment in your cyber security. For this we charge a starting price of €8.33 per employee per month (with annual payment). You can see a complete overview on our pricing page .

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