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NIS2 and the role of the accountant

Welcome to the landing page of our free webinar on NIS2 and how, as an accountant, you can keep your clients informed. This informative event is specially designed for accountants who want to learn how to effectively communicate the latest NIS2 guidelines to their clients. Join us on 14 June for an hour of valuable insights.

  • The need for NIS2
  • What NIS2 will mean for many entrepreneurs
  • The role of accountants regarding NIS2 and entrepreneurs
  • Interactive Q&A session to answer your questions


Jeroen De Raaf - Webinar NIS2

Jeroen de Raaf

Director Marketing @ Guardey

Guardey offers an all-in-one cybersecurity solution for SMEs, including VPN, cyber threat detection and gamification to make employees more cyber-aware in an increasingly digital world. All this is offered in an accessible and affordable way

Rolf van Anholt

Co-Founder @ PLTFRM

PLTFRM is a platform that bridges the gap between IT service providers and customers. It presents a diverse marketplace of IT services ranging from cloud solutions to cybersecurity.

Daniël van Meijgaarden - Webinar NIS2

Daniël van Meijgaarden

Senior Tax Consultant @ ABAB International

ABAB offers tax and financial support to internationally oriented companies. With their industry-leading expertise, ABAB is well-informed about the latest regulations, allowing them to assist companies to make informed decisions.

Learn all about NIS2

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and prepare for the implementation of NIS2. Register now for our webinar on 14 June and find out how, as an accountant, you can effectively inform your clients about the NIS2 guideline.

This webinar is made for accountants and professionals in the accounting industry who are interested in learning about NIS2 and how to educate their clients.

For questions or further information, please contact [email protected]

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