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Security awareness training in the UK: 10 best options

Pim de Vos Marketing Manager

Training security awareness is more important than ever. The UK has dealt with a lot of hacks and data leaks in the recent past. From the armed forces to Virgin Media — both small and large organizations are being targeted by bad actors.

95% of all those hacks and data leaks are caused by human error, whether it’s using weak passwords or clicking a phishing link. Security awareness training can prevent these errors and make employees more aware.

Below, you can find the best security awareness training solutions in the UK.

1. Guardey

Guardey is a security awareness training provider that uses gamification to keep users engaged over long periods of time. Research shows that yearly training is effective for a very short period of time. After a few weeks, people have forgotten up to 90% of all the information. More importantly, the topic is simply not top-of-mind anymore.

With Guardey, users get a weekly micro-challenge that takes three minutes to complete. During the challenge, they learn about a cybersecurity topic such as phishing, malware, or CEO fraud. In a company-wide leaderboard, they can see how they are performing compared to their colleagues. This adds a fun competitive element that keeps users engaged.


  • Content compliant with important UK security standards
  • Both the training product and support team is English
  • Gamification keeps users engaged
  • In-depth analytics to prove compliance
  • Possibility of setting up spear phishing simulations


  • Not created for learners with a high level of knowledge in IT

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2. KnowBe4

KnowBe4 is a big name in cybersecurity training. The product is designed to educate users and also to create long-term behavioural change. KnowBe4 draws upon an expansive library of training videos and interactive content to deliver timely, relevant and memorable instruction, with regular quizzes and simulated phishing emails to challenge learners.

KnowBe4’s training solution uses a variety of tools to encourage ongoing learning and development, including scores and gamification. Learners’ scores are fed to a leaderboard so that they can see how well they stack up against other users in the company, creating an incentive to strive for continual improvement. KnowBe4 offers baselining, an initial evaluation of your staff’s cybersecurity posture to identify potential weak spots, as well as giving you a way to evaluate progress.


  • Baselining
  • Large library of training videos and training materials.
  • Gamification motivates users.
  • Ongoing training keeps knowledge fresh and maintains improved security behaviour.
  • Convincing phishing simulations.
  • A good option for small and mid-sized organizations.


  • One of the more expensive training options out there.
  • Some administrators find the training library too monolithic and hard to customize.

3. NCSC certified training

NCSC, the National Cyber Security Centre, is the UK government’s official cybersecurity body. It conducts investigations into cybersecurity threats and provides advice, support and training for organizations in both the public and private sectors.

As you’d expect, their training course is thorough but rather a one-size-fits-all solution without much flexibility. Their courses are not ongoing but are one-off sessions intended to furnish learners with essential information and skills. A learner’s success is evaluated through observation, while technical knowledge is assessed through interviews with the learner. Successful completion of the training grants learners certification in the cybersecurity field.


  • Quality training from a government organization.
  • Thorough, in-depth and up-to-date.
  • Offers a high degree of technical know-how.
  • Provides officially recognized certification to successful trainees.
  • Can improve learners’ professional prospects.
  • Focused on security awareness training in the UK.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance.


  • One-off courses rather than ongoing training.
  • More technical aspects may not be relevant to all staff members.


CyberSecurityAwareness provides a range of training products, including a fully managed training service. This provides e-learning, with ongoing training and testing. It focuses on providing employees with the skills and information they need to be cautious and responsible concerning cybersecurity threats.

As well as general training, CyberSecurityAwareness assists organizations in maintaining compliance with UK regulations governing privacy and information security. They lean heavily on interactive training, which helps maintain engagement as well as provide continuous assessment of each user’s progress. The content is very expansive, covering lesser-known threats like QR code phishing.


  • Ongoing training.
  • Interactive learning.
  • Regular tests and challenges.
  • Fully managed, reducing the time and effort required to run the training program.
  • Rich library of course content.
  • Convincing phishing simulations.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance.
  • Specifically developed for security awareness training in the UK


  • Expensive.


iHASCO offers extensive and in-depth cyber security training solutions. Learners are instructed in straightforward practical approaches to hardening their personal and organizational cybersecurity postures, with more technical and in-depth training available for those in the most sensitive roles. A range of different courses are on offer, from general cybersecurity awareness training to courses more tightly focused on regulatory compliance.

Learning is delivered online. On completion of each course, learners receive certification; the cybersecurity awareness course is CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited and staff can use their learning to enhance their professional profiles. The courses offered by iHASCO are stand-alone courses rather than ongoing training programs.


  • Thorough, in-depth courses.
  • Specific GDPR compliance certification is available.
  • CPD certification benefits employees and encourages engagement.
  • Relevant to cyber security awareness training in the UK.


  • One-off courses rather than ongoing training.

6. Hoxhunt

Hoxhunt is one of the top names in cybersecurity training. Although far from the least expensive option, Hoxhunt offers high-quality training materials and effective phishing simulations. Hoxhunt’s ongoing cybersecurity training uses regular microlearnings (short videos with accompanying tests and quizzes) to keep information fresh in users’ minds, as well as ensure continuous progress.

Users receive scores on their performance, both on their tests and on their responses to Hoxhunt’s simulated phishing emails, allowing them to compete for the top spot on a leaderboard. Hoxhunt touts its use of machine learning and AI behavioural analysis to ensure that learners receive the most relevant trainings. One drawback of Hoxhunt is that it’s not specific to the UK, meaning that phishing emails may be less convincing (containing currencies or other information that shows they originate from outside the UK).


  • Rich, extensive training library of high-quality material.
  • Convincing phishing simulations.
  • Effective training and evaluation.
  • Gamification rewards engagement.
  • Ongoing learning.
  • A good option for larger businesses.


  • Automated phishing simulations can feel intrusive to some users, although administrators can set the times that emails are sent out.
  • Higher-level learners may not be challenged enough.
  • Not specifically developed for cyber security awareness training in the UK.

7. Phished

Phished is one of the most popular providers of training with respect to phishing and related attacks. They offer training via videos and interactive materials but their primary focus is on simulated phishing attacks. While Phished is unlikely to be anyone’s first choice for more advanced and technical training, it is a highly effective tool for developing general cybersecurity awareness and improving behaviour among employees.

Phished’s main selling points are its highly customizable and convincing simulated phishing email feature and its integration of cybersecurity monitoring with its training program. Alerts and threat detections are used to inform and tailor the training that users receive, making it more timely and relevant.


  • Convincing phishing simulations.
  • Baselining.
  • Ongoing training, adapted to users’ needs.
  • Administrators praise its reporting features.
  • Customization and personalization ensure that training is relevant.


  • Little technical training for higher-level learners.
  • Not specifically aimed at UK security awareness training.

8. Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf offers an integrated platform for both cybersecurity itself and cybersecurity training. If customers choose to purchase both Arctic Wolf’s security solutions and its training programs, these can be integrated such that vulnerability analysis can be used to tailor training. This option means that users will be given appropriate training based on specific weaknesses in their cybersecurity postures.

Arctic Wolf’s training solutions are perhaps not as widely used as, say, KnowBe4, but they are a close contender and receive very positive reviews from its customers. Arctic Wolf’s training is effective when used alongside its other security products. It focuses primarily on phishing and social engineering rather than on the more technical aspects of cybersecurity.


  • Baselining and ongoing training.
  • Training can be integrated with Arctic Wolf’s managed cybersecurity monitoring, making it more relevant.
  • Quality materials that are well-received by users.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • A good option at the enterprise level.


  • Not UK-specific.
  • Arctic Wolf’s security awareness training is most effective when integrated with their managed cybersecurity products. This may make it less ideal for organizations that are already happy with their security provider.

9. Usecure

Usecure offers essential training in cybersecurity for employees at all levels. Like many of its competitors, Usecure provides ongoing training and evaluation through videos and interactive materials, alongside automated emails that simulate phishing attacks. It’s a very solid product and stacks up well against similar offerings like Hoxhunt.

As far as training goes, Usecure doesn’t offer anything unique. That said, it does come with some great additional features like real-time cybersecurity protection. Usecure’s USP is its dark web monitoring service, which scours the depths of hacker forums and black market sites to uncover any leaked credentials that might be used to compromise an organization. The training materials are engaging and the library is extensive, with gamification and a leaderboard to keep users interested and engaged.


  • A solid option for training with all of the features you’re likely to want (gamification, baselining, ongoing training, etc.)
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Additional cybersecurity features like dark web monitoring.


  • Less useful for more technical training.
  • Cybersecurity features may not be relevant if you already have a satisfactory provider.


Ninjio aims to deliver practical, actionable learning in a way that’s engaging and fun. Their main selling point is the high quality of their training materials and the quick, non-intrusive nature of their learning sessions. Ninjio’s security awareness program is a great option for ongoing staff training, offering short and easy-to-follow videos along with interactive materials.

User feedback is very positive, with users praising the convenience of the short-form content. The main downsides reported by customers are a lack of customizability, difficulty in allowing new hires to catch up with older learning content, and some deficits in documentation and support. It’s also rather less intuitive on the admin side than similar products.


  • High-quality videos and learning material.
  • An emphasis on promoting engagement.
  • Effective training and convincing simulated attacks.
  • Ongoing training and evaluation.


  • Documentation and support aren’t stellar.
  • Somewhat unintuitive to set up and use from the admin’s perspective.


Cyber security awareness is more important than ever. Up to 95% of all hacks and data leaks are caused by a human error. From clicking phishing links to falling for CEO fraud.

Guardey offers security awareness training that uses gamification elements such as a storyline, a leaderboard, short challenges, and achievements. This keeps users engaged while they learn how to recognize and report the world’s most important cyber threats.

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