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The 8 best computer-based security awareness training solutions

Pim de Vos Marketing Manager

It’s 2024 and almost anything can be done digitally. Yet, many organizations still opt for in-person training courses. Even when it comes to cyber security awareness training.

But we’re here to tell you you don’t have to go through that trouble. We’ve selected the 8 very best computer-based security awareness training solutions available today.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Guardey

Guardey is a computer-based security awareness training solution. It separates itself from other solutions with the way it uses gamification to keep users engaged.

During weekly challenges, employees get questions about all sorts of cyber security topics. From phishing and malware to device security and password policies. These challenges can be customized by the admin.

When users perform well during the 3-minute challenges, they get the chance to get on top of the company or department-wide leaderboard. This adds a fun element to the learning experience and stimulates friendly competition among colleagues.

Admins get insights into the users’ learning progress with weekly reports and in-depth analytics. These insights are also helpful to prove compliance with security standards such as ISO 27001, NIS2, HIPAA, and more.

Best features

  • Uses micro-learnings instead of long-winded courses.
  • Built on gamification principles, which keeps users engaged.
  • The content is fully customizable to your security policies.
  • Enables organizations to comply with NIS2, ISO 27001, and more.


“We were looking for a training solution that was recurring and fun to do. I don’t believe yearly training works, especially when the training style is boring for the employees. When I saw that the European Parlement had started to use Guardey, I was convinced that we had to give it a shot.” – Source

2. Hoxhunt

Hoxhunt is touted as a “Human Risk Management platform”. It’s aimed at providing both training and the ongoing promotion of security awareness. Instead of the one-and-done model used by many computer security awareness training solutions, Hoxhunt prompts continuous behavioral change in learners through regular mini-training sessions based on a specific learner’s needs.

Hoxhunt uses machine learning and AI to pick up issues and assess possible weak areas where an individual may need additional instruction. It’s one of the biggest names in security training and has received glowing reviews from thousands of satisfied customers.

Best features

  • Continuous training ensures that employees are always up to date with the latest security threats.
  • Employees are continually evaluated to ensure compliance with regulations and organizational policies.
  • Interactive training keeps learners engaged.


Reviewers liked the simulated phishing emails produced by Hoxhunt. The gamification of the training was also a hit with customers.

3. KnowBe4

KnowBe4 is an integrated platform that combines security training with phishing simulations. It aims to help organizations counter social engineering threats like phishing, prevent infiltration by malicious actors, and avoid the loss of information. Like Hoxhunt, KnowBe4 offers gamification options so that learners can compete and gain ranks on a leaderboard. Training begins with a computer security awareness quiz to establish a baseline, followed by immersive training sessions and simulated attacks that continuously teach and evaluate users.

Best features

  • Continuous training and evaluation help maintain high levels of security awareness.
  • Interactive training and gamification promote engagement.
  • A huge library of training materials ensures that all aspects of security are covered.


Customers have scored KnowBe4 highly on reputable review platforms. The large library of training materials has been widely praised, as has the customizability of the platform. As with other computer-based security awareness training solutions, though, some reviewers noted a lack of materials for higher-level learners with more technical knowledge.


While other computer-based security awareness training products tend to place a heavy emphasis on phishing, Ninjio takes a more generalized approach. Learners are confronted with phishing simulations but are also given more rounded training on other attack vectors.

Ninjio’s security awareness computer-based training tool emphasizes the use of behavioral science to help sharpen employees’ intuition and develop a heightened awareness of potential security threats.

Training is personalized to each end user based on their performance in training tasks, ensuring that all staff members are trained to the same high standard without overwhelming new learners or serving materials that have already been covered.

Best features

  • A rich library of training materials, including many hours of video lessons in manageable lengths.
  • High customizability ensures that training is relevant to the end user’s needs.
  • Gamification encourages engagement and progress.


Ninjio is positively reviewed by customers, who praise its engaging training materials and the overall effectiveness of the product in creating greater security consciousness among employees. Criticisms are minor, focusing on the searchability of the training library. One recurring complaint is that it can be difficult to ensure that new staff members have access to older training materials that have already been shown to the rest of the staff.

5. Proofpoint

Proofpoint aims to provide both training and active security. As well as educating employees and improving security awareness, Proofpoint also offers products that attempt to detect threats and neutralize them before they reach the user.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training is intended to increase awareness of security threats, inculcating users with positive habits. Users’ learning styles are taken into account when serving them training materials, with a variety of video and text content of different lengths and complexity. This helps to make sure that users are continuously improving without feeling out of their depth or overloaded.

Best features

  • Proofpoint’s adaptive learning framework enables training to be tailored to an end user’s specific skill level, role, and learning style.
  • The CISO dashboard makes it easier to gauge improvement in learners and create reports on their progress.


Proofpoint Security Awareness Training is rated very highly by users, receiving positive feedback from customers. Customers especially like the way that the Security Awareness Training tool can be integrated with Proofpoint’s other security products.

6. Phished

Phished uses a combination of threat intelligence, digital security awareness training, and active reporting to improve security and develop awareness among employees. This creates a more secure environment and drives lasting behavioral change.

Learners are given the skills and information they need to make smart choices about computer and network security, both in the workplace and in their everyday lives.

Phished provides an overall Behavioural Risk Score (BRS) for organizations, allowing customers to monitor their security status and the performance of Phished’s training products. As you’d expect from a company called Phished, this tool emphasizes phishing awareness through digital security awareness training and convincing simulations.

Best features

  • Phished provides continuous evaluation of an organization’s phishing risk, making it easier to target training and other interventions.
  • Training can be personalized to each end user’s requirements.
  • Reports are easy to produce, clear, and informative.


Although it’s less widely used than some of the other big names in computer-based security awareness training, Phished has nevertheless garnered a high level of positive feedback. Reputable review sites such as G2 give it a high rating based on customer scores. Customers praise its effectiveness and ease of use, with many mentioning the convenience of its automated training and reporting.

7. Barracuda

Barracuda Security Awareness Training is part of a suite of security products, offering the option of integration. As well as offering in-depth training on how to recognize and avert phishing attacks, Barracuda Security Awareness Training also covers other types of security issues and risky behaviors that users need to avoid.

In situations where end users are most at risk through spear phishing and similar attacks, Barracuda Security Awareness Training provides training that is thorough, timely, and relevant.

Best features

  • Continuous evaluation for users, tracking their progress, and highlighting areas where additional training may be required.
  • Personalization ensures relevance to the user and their specific situation in the company.
  • Interactive training promotes engagement and knowledge retention.


Users score Barracuda Security Awareness Training highly for its effectiveness and praise the quality of its training materials. Some have criticized its complexity and lack of user-friendliness when setting up the system, although it should not present any challenges for a reasonably tech-savvy person.

8. Breach Secure Now

Like similar computer-based security awareness training products, Breach Secure Now focuses on equipping the end user to confront phishing attacks and other cybersecurity risks. Instead of treating end-users as a weak point to be managed, however, Breach Secure Now’s stated ethos is to regard end users as an untapped security resource.

Their training emphasizes the important role that employees can play in helping to keep an organization more secure, over and above basic awareness threats such as phishing.

Best features

  • Specific HIPAA compliance training, which is valuable for healthcare institutions
  • Attractive price point when compared to many competitors.


Customers have reviewed Breach Secure Now’s security awareness training favorably, praising its overall usability and effectiveness in improving security among end users. Some have noted that the content isn’t as rich or in-depth as they would like, although what the library does contain is of high quality. Overall, Breach Secure Now is viewed in a positive light by its customers.


Computer-based security awareness training has come a long way. From long-winded e-learning courses, the best solutions now offer micro-lessons and gamification to keep the modern user engaged.

Guardey offers computer security awareness training built for organizations of all sizes. The storyline makes it feel like a real game, which sets Guardey apart from its competition.

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