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Cybersecurity is crucial for advisors in healthcare

Cybersecurity is crucial for healthcare facilities
Healthcare consultants are increasingly targeted by hackers as patient records provide hackers with a goldmine of information. That’s why cybersecurity is crucial for advisors in healthcare.
The management of healthcare consultancy firms is responsible for digital security. After all, patient data should never fall into the hands of hackers.

Health is at stake

Insufficient healthcare consulting firms have acted in recent years after the most vicious cyberattacks, such as WannaCry and NotPetya, compromised patient data. Cyberattacks endanger the safety of patients but also your team.

Hackers do whatever it takes to break-in

Take the systems in which patient records are stored. These digital systems are, of course, somewhat protected. Yet hackers manage to crack digital systems or shut down entire systems.

In healthcare, it is important to apply good cybersecurity to prevent your team from running off with pen and paper indefinitely. Writing data on an A4 sheet also entails the necessary risks.

The lack of progress in cybersecurity within the healthcare consultancy sector is alarming. Especially as the scale of cyber threats continues to increase.

Cybersecurity is crucial for advisors in healthcare

Patient records are essential in healthcare. Without these records, healthcare workers are hampered in their work, preventing patients from receiving the care they need. Access to life-saving medical supplies is also becoming less accessible. When patient data is up for grabs it can also cause social and psychological problems.

System security is not only compromised by hackers who carefully plan an attack. Your team can also contribute to the downfall of your healthcare consultancy. Often without realizing it.

After all, your team specializes in healthcare, not cybersecurity. The ignorance of healthcare professionals about cybersecurity is a weakness that criminals know how to exploit.

Hackers investigate communication

Criminals regularly thoroughly analyze e-mail traffic. Once they know who is in contact with whom, they can finally strike.

Impersonating a specific employee allows criminals to contact whomever they want, giving a criminal room to attack.

One click has an immense impact

It often starts with an unreliable e-mail. The criminal puts together an e-mail that seems so reliable that it is almost indistinguishable from the real thing for your team.

If an e-mail contains a link or a file to download, it should raise all sorts of questions. For criminals, these links or files provide access to everything they need. One click can cause immense problems.

In addition, your team is busy caring for patients. There is often no time to thoroughly scan every e-mail, but this must be done. Carefully reading e-mails can prevent your healthcare consulting firm from operating without systems for days or weeks.


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Healthcare consulting firms are an easy mark

Too little budget is allocated to cyber security within the healthcare sector. But think about the consequences of poor cybersecurity. That is worth a larger budget.

Criminals have free rein

In any case, criminals are happy with this fact. They are given free rein due to the poor security of the digital infrastructure and staff who do not know how to deal with cybersecurity. Without embarrassment, one criminal after another strikes at healthcare consulting firms of all sizes.

Guardey offers healthcare organizations the best cybersecurity

Guardey understands that good cybersecurity isn’t always easy and budgets aren’t always there for the taking.

The health of a patient is meaningful to healthcare professionals. Guardey also wants the best for all patients and healthcare providers. That is why we want to help every healthcare consultancy with the best cybersecurity at an affordable price.

Keep cybercriminals at bay with Guardey’s cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is crucial for healthcare consultancy firms to ensure the well-being of both patients and employees within a healthcare consultancy firm.

With Guardey’s cybersecurity solution, you can keep hackers away from your healthcare consultancy. For example, Guardey’s business VPN connection, combined with the Security Awareness Training Platform, is part of the total package. With these parts of Guardey, you will no longer let your healthcare consultancy be beaten by hackers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gamification?

Gamification is adding game elements into non-game environments, such as security awareness training, to increase participation and foster active learning.

What are the benefits of gamification in security awareness training?

Traditional security awareness training can often be dry and boring. With gamification, the complex subject matter is transformed into an engaging and memorable experience.

By integrating game elements such as challenges, quizzes and rewards, it incentivizes users to actively learn. This makes the training more enjoyable and fosters a sense of competition and achievement. This combination drives better retention and application of cyber security knowledge.

Why is it important to train security awareness on a weekly basis?

Research shows that up to 90% of the learnings from yearly or even quarterly training are forgotten within a few weeks. Guardey was built to keep its users aware of cyber threats 365 days a year. The game comes with short, weekly challenges that slowly builds up the user’s knowledge and eventually drives lasting behavior change.

Which topics are covered in Guardey’s security awareness game?

Guardey covers a wide array of topics to train users about all currently relevant cyber threats, put together in collaboration with ethical hackers and educationalists. The topics covered include phishing, remote work, password security, CEO fraud, ransomware, smishing, and much more.

How much time do the weekly challenges take?

Every challenge takes up to three minutes to complete.

Can I use Guardey to comply with the ISO27001, NIS2, and GDPR security awareness policies?

Yes. ISO27001, NIS2, and GDPR all require that all employees receive appropriate security awareness training. Guardey is always up-to-date with the latest cyber threats, policies, and procedures.

Is security awareness training important for all employees, or just specific roles?

Cybersecurity awareness training is crucial for all employees, not just specific roles. Every staff member can potentially be a target or an unwitting entry point for cyber attacks. Training helps create a security-focused culture and minimizes risks for the entire organization.

While certain roles may require specialized training, a foundational level of training should be accessible to everyone.

In which languages is Guardey available?

Guardey is available in English, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Swedish and Danish.

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