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Partnership SecureMe2

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Partnership SecureMe2

Together with SecureMe2, we create a world in which everyone can safely use technology at all times and any location.

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Cyberalarm for everyone

In 2019, the founders of SecureMe2 and Guardey joined forces, and we saw an excellent addition to each other’s cybersecurity solutions so that we can protect many more companies together. SecureMe2 with its Cyberalarm hardware solution for within an advanced corporate network and by integrating the Cyberalarm into Guardey’s software, SMEs and people who work remotely/hybrid have the same protection.

Hardware solution

Meet SecureMe2

SecureMe2 ensures that organizations of all sizes can safely use online solutions. With the Cyberalarm hardware solution of SecureMe2 in the corporate network, all devices on online threats are detected, including devices on which no security software can be installed.

Guardey accessible cybersecurity
Software solution

Smaller businesses deserve an Enterprise-level cybersecurity

We created Guardey to fight cybercrime. Most attacks target those who can’t afford a security infrastructure or a skilled IT professional in their team.

Guardey, as the name suggests, is a cyber guard that helps run safer businesses in our digital world.

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Never stress about cyber crime again with Guardey, your accessible cybersecurity solution. Did you receive a coupon code? Please send an e-mail to [email protected].

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Your plug & play cybersecurity solution

Whether your team works at the office, at home, at the customer or remotely. We protect your business. We do this in an accessible and affordable way.

  • Connect via a secure connection
    Work securely online anywhere from any device
  • Cyber threat warning
    Act instantly on viruses, malware and more
  • Stronger together against cyber threats
    Train your employees with fun gamification
Guardey Accessible cybersecurity
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Guardey Accessible cybersecurity

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guardey in short?

You just want to know what Guardey is, in a few lines, not scrolling through the whole website. We got you covered. Here you are:

Guardey focuses on three parts of your cyber security:

A safe and encrypted VPN connection via Guardey’s secure infrastructure or a Site-to-Site VPN.

We analyze information packages from the data going through the VPN tunnel, give clear insights into your data infrastructure, and provide alerts in case of threats like ransomware, viruses, and irregularities in your network.

Your cyber security is as strong as your weakest link. With Guardey, you can educate your whole team and increase awareness in a fun and efficient way through gamification.

It’s an advanced software as a service with applications for Windows and Mac OSX and an online platform for reporting and managing your teams and company policies.

I have a coupon code, how does the free trial works?

If you have a coupon code for an extra long free trial, you can start first with our standard trial via our registration page.

During your trial, you can enter your coupon code via the portal “Manage subscription.” Or just send us an e-mail via [email protected] and we will arrange it for you!

Your free trial with Guardey is based on our Basic plan. In our basic plan, all the alarms will only be available for yourself or your own company, and you manage the alarms in-house. We don’t need any payment information to start your trial, and you can invite as many users as you want.

Most SMEs don’t have an in-house IT department or a team of cyber security specialists. Therefore we also offer Guardey co-managed and Guardey custom. In both plans, you can connect Guardey to a preferred Guardy IT partner or, of course, your own IT partner.

They can semi or fully manage the alarms and the health of your infrastructure so that you can focus on your business.

After 60 days of the free trial, you can decide if you want to continue with a paid plan. Upgrading during your trial period means you stop your trial and upgrade to a paid plan. You need a verified payment method to upgrade.

How can I pay after the trial period?

We don’t ask for any payment information to start your trial.

If you want to upgrade during or after your free trial to a paid plan, you can use one of the below payment methods:

  1. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, PostePay, Cartes Bancaires)
  2. PayPal
  3. Direct Debit (iDeal SEPA)
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“After receiving a lot of phishing emails, we decided to do a phishing test last year to test the cyber awareness of our employees. During this test, we sent fake emails to see how many would click a possibly harmful link. The result? 29.4% did, which was higher than expected. After using Guardey for only a few weeks the scores had improved by 84%.”

Guardey customer quote - Oke BV

Michael van Nol

Algemeen Directeur
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“I notice that especially the desire for a good VPN solution is alive among many of our customers. We didn't offer that solution yet, so we decided to do market research on the possibilities. That's how we ended up with Guardey. ”

GTS Online - Johan de Haan

Johan de Haan

Co-owner GTS Online
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“Socially, we may have a role. We as tax professionals and accountants should protect both ourselves and clients. We are their confidants, both for tax and financial questions and more than that. Good security against cybercrime is then just something clients should expect from us as a minimum.”

Erwin Gritter

Erwin Gritter

Co-owner and tax specialist of ZMGroep
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“Dapper did not have to deal with cyber threats itself. However, we became acutely aware of the risks when one of our clients did.”

Tycho Luijten

CEO & Founder of Dapper Growth Agency
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Anouk ter Harmsel

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