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The 16 Best Security Awareness Training Software Solutions in 2023

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95% of all data breaches are caused by human error:

  • Using a weak password
  • Not updating software
  • Clicking phishing links

And the list goes on.

To decrease the chance of a data breach, companies need to train their personnel to recognize cyber threats and act accordingly. The best way to do so is by using the right security awareness training software.

But with a wide variety of software solutions available, how do you know which security awareness training software solution is the right one for your business? We’ll tell you all about it in this article.

How to choose a security awareness training software provider: 4 essential aspects

Security awareness training has become a crowded industry, with multiple brands offering a wide range of training methods.

The details matter — especially if you’re opting for best-in-class security awareness training.

Here are four essential aspects that you need to look out for when judging the best security awareness training software:

More than just phishing. Many solutions are focused completely on phishing. Granted, phishing is the most-used method by cyber criminals. However, there is a wide spectrum of other methods that need just as much attention in order to prepare your team the right way.

Up-to-date and relevant content. Cyber criminals are developing new ways to hack companies every day. Training material from 2021 won’t cover how criminals can use AI to clone your CEO’s voice, but in 2023 this is obviously necessary. That’s why you should always gauge which solution offers the most relevant and up-to-date training materials.

Regular trainings. By now, there is a lot of research out on the effectiveness of regular training. Short and sweet trainings spread out over the year result in knowledge retention and behaviour change, whereas yearly or even quarterly trainings lead to 90% of all lessons being forgotten after a week (!)

Gamification. Let’s face it: most training courses are simply boring. Video courses or outdated e-learning will simply be clicked through ASAP so that your employees can get back to work. By adding gamification elements, the training turns into a truly fun exercise which allows for better knowledge retention.

The 16 best security awareness training software solutions in 2023

  1. Guardey
  2. Safetitan
  3. Knowbe4
  4. Hook Security
  5. ESET
  6. Proofpoint
  7. Phinsec
  8. Usecure
  9. Breach Secure Now
  11. Awaretrain
  12. Hoxhunt
  13. Metacompliance
  14. Phishing Box
  15. NINJIO
  16. Arctic Wolf

On the surface, the top picks for the best security awareness training software share many of the same features. But dig deeper and you’ll find critical differences that can impact the level of cyber awareness within your organization.

Here are our top selections for security awareness training software:

1. Guardey

Guardey is a cyber awareness training solution built on gamification. Users start a fictional company and with weekly challenges, they either score points or lose points. When they score points, their company’s reputation improves and they make money, when they lose points, the opposite occurs. In the leaderboard, users can see how they are doing compared to their colleagues. Along the way, users can win prizes and badges.

The challenges only take up to 3 minutes to complete and are always created recently so that your team is up-to-date with the latest information. And because users take on a challenge every week, the the information is retained better than with a yearly training.

In Guardey’s learning management system, administrators can create challenges tailor-made to their company and see how each member of their team is performing. Based on these results, extra training can be given on specific improvement areas.

Overall, Guardey is the solution that offers the best gamification features in order to keep users engaged and boost security awareness. You can start using Guardey from just one user at a time for €3.33 per month.

Start a free 14-day Guardey trial

2. Safetitan

Safetitan is a product by TitanHQ and offers security awareness training based on the behaviour of its users. However, the website doesn’t mention how they do this exactly. They offer phishing simulations, video courses, and quizzes.

Just like Guardey, they offer a dashboard to monitor team performance and help companies to comply with important regulations.

3. KnowBe4

KnowBe4 is probably the most well-known company name in this list. They offer a wide variety of training resources, including a special module that is completely focused on enterprise security.

The trainings are made up of long videos followed up by a multiple-choice questions. Every training takes at least 10 minutes to complete. To show your board the ROI of your program, you can use their extensive reporting feature.

To start using the training, you need to buy at least 25 seats, which means this product is probably not the best fit for smaller businesses.

4. Hook Security

When using Hook Security, your team gets a yearly training and a monthly deepdive into a specific topic. They pride themselves in offering training that is positive and not patronizing to their users.

The trainings are not based on gamification, but videos and courses. If this fits your preferred learning style, Hook Security is an excellent choice.


Another company that is well-known in the cyber security world is ESET, that among many other products also has its own security awareness training product.

ESET offers yearly cyber awareness training that takes 90 minutes to complete. The training is interactive, with quizzes, a phishing simulator, and interactive sessions.

A yearly training at ESET starts at $250 for 10 persons.

6. Proofpoint

Proofpoint has built a so-called holistic approach to security awareness training. Their solution is based on three pillars: assessing vulnerability, changing unsafe behaviour and evaluating program success. This is what they call the ACE framework.

Their training consists of video and game-based modules.

7. Phinsec

Phinsec’s training solution is built for MSP’s. An MSP is a managed service provider, which is a third party that manages their customer’s information technology.

The training consists of videos that take up to five minutes and are then followed by a set of questions.

8. Usecure

Usecure has a training solution that enables businesses to offer training based on a user’s unique risk area. A risk profile is built up over time, which helps the admin to determine which topics may need more attention. The courses are deployed on a custom frequency.

You can pick from two different training styles: ‘fun’ and ‘corporate-friendly’ which both have an interactive and video element.

9. Breach Secure Now

Breach Secure Now has also built a cyber security awareness training solution for MSP’s. With phishing simulations and weekly challenges, the product helps employees to become more cyber aware.

Over time, each user builds up their own ‘employee secure score’. This gives MSP’s insights into which employees may need additional training.


The Belgium-based Phished offers a holistic combination of personalized simulations, training sessions, and active reporting. The trainings are short and ‘snackable’. The product offers a gamification element in the sense that users can win certificates and badges.

Their pricing is unclear as you need to request a quote.

11. Awaretrain

Awaretrain is a Dutch security awareness solution that offers 6 new training modules per year. The modules we tested take about 12 minutes to finish and contain multiple long videos. This results in a passive experience that is best compared to a school setting. The content is offered in 8 languages, among them Dutch, German, and French.

Awaretrain’s pricing is not available on their website, so you’ll need to request a quote to get it.

12. Hoxhunt

Hoxhunt’s human risk platform aims to identify vulnerable users and change their behaviour. Their software sends realistic phishing mails and when the user engages with it, they get a quick and fun quiz that gives them more information about what just happened.

Hoxhunt’s pricing is not available on the website, which means you need to set up a meeting with the company first.

13. Metacompliance

Metacompliance’s training solution enables you to schedule trainings throughout the year on the moments that you prefer. They pride themselves on their e-learning content library. You can pull from that library and create a training course that fits your organization’s needs. The content has been localized to no less than 40 languages.

There is no information about pricing available on the website, which means you’ll need to set up a meeting or request a quote to learn more about that.

14. Phishing Box

Phishing Box is another security awareness training software solution that offers both a content course and a phishing simulation. The content course is not built on gamification. With their auto-enrollment feature, they spare administrators the time of having to manually set up trainings. When somebody fails a phishing test, admins can use a webhook to get notified about it.

If you want to use Phishing Box, you’ll pay at least $500 a year. You can only start a subscription from 25 users and up.

15. Ninjio

If your team is into cartoons, you’ve found your match with Ninjio. Ninjio’s training videos are 3-4 minutes long, created with ‘hollywood-style storytelling’ and based on recent cyber crime events.

Instead of testing their users’ knowledge by gamification, they measure users’ susceptibility with what they call the Ninjio Risk Algorithm. This algorithm measures how engaged users are with the video content to gauge how vulnerable they might be to specific social engineering.

Ninjio’s pricing is not specified on the website, so you’ll need to request a quote or meeting to find out more.

16. Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf’s security training is based on brief, purpose-driven content that is regularly updated so that it’s relevant to current cyber threats. Just like Guardey, they have a leaderboard, but they don’t measure test results, but engagement and participation.

Arctic Wolf’s pricing is not available on the website, so you’ll need to request a demo first.

How does security awareness training software work?

Security awareness training works differently, depending on the vendor you decide to choose. The legacy solutions offer content in the form of video or e-learning that requires passive learning.

Modern training solutions offer gamification in order to keep users engaged and boost knowledge retention and behavioural change.

Is security awareness training worth it?

Security awareness training is not only worth the investment, it is a necessity. Over 95% of all data breaches and hacks stem from human errors. Whether it’s clicking a link you shouldn’t click or not updating your software — there is no firewall strong enough to protect you against human failure.

This is why it’s so important to regularly train your employees to be vigilant and understand how to act in the face of cyber crime.

The final verdict: choose security awareness training software based on gamification

The number of cyber crime victims have grown dramatically over the past few years. In 2023, it only makes sense to do everything you can to turn your employees into a strong human firewall that recognizes cyber threats and acts accordingly.

For advanced security awareness training that is recurring, engaging, and most of all effective, sign up for Guardey.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a firewall, do I still need Guardey?

Relying solely on a firewall for cyber security leaves your organization vulnerable to evolving and sophisticated threats. Cyber attacks target multiple vectors, including vulnerabilities in software, employee endpoints and web applications. Guardey works in conjunction with the firewall.

Firewalls keep out up to 80% of online risks. With Guardey, it is transparent which online risks did make it through the firewall. In addition, human errors are still too often made, so also train employees to work responsibly online.

I already have a VPN, do I still need Guardey?

It’s good that you are already using a VPN. This makes you invisible to malicious people, but at the end of the day, employees can still be vulnerable by bringing in the wrong orders or wrong websites.

Guardey is more than a business VPN. Guardey also provides monitoring in the VPN tunnel. This detects online risks and allows a quick response.

We are too busy for weekly gamification. Why should I play the gamification?

These days we are all busy, we recognise that 😉 All the more important is employee awareness. Make sure employees don’t accidentally make mistakes due to pressure. After all, that only creates extra work.

That’s why our challenges are only a maximum of 5 minutes and can be done quickly in between. A new challenge becomes available every week. As an organisation, do you want to play these challenges every week, every two weeks or every month? Of course, that’s no problem either.

Can I also play just the gamification?

Short answer: yes! It is possible to play just the gamification.

Have you already taken sufficient cyber security measures for your employees in the office and outside the office? But can awareness still be worked on? Then you can also play just the gamification. This can already be done very easily in just the browser. Check out our game only package here.

Is Guardey effective against phishing attempts?

Phishing is especially dangerous when you don’t know you’re dealing with phishing. That’s why our cyber awarness game is the first step against phishing. Make people aware of the dangers and make sure they have the right knowledge so they don’t click on anything.

Further Guardey plays a crucial role in detecting suspicious online activities. For instance, if a member of your organization interacts with a website known for hosting phishing content, Guardey will promptly alert you about the potential risk. By providing this proactive alert system, Guardey aids in preventing users within your organization from falling prey to phishing scams.

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