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All about Cybersecurity

We live in a digital world where many things happen online. But that is not entirely without risks. We are happy to help you to make your company as cyber-resilient as possible. Find all essential information about cybersecurity here.

Cybersecurity monitoring tool

What is cybersecurity?

Cyber ‚Äčsecurity can be described as ‘all measures taken to prevent damage due to malfunction, failure or misuse of information systems or computers. This is the answer that the NCSC (National Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčSecurity Center) has given to the question: ‘What is cybersecurity?’

It is increasingly in the news these days: companies are victims of a ransomware attack, as a result of which they no longer have access to their computer systems or as a result of which customer data is exposed.

Therefore, it is necessary for every company that sufficient attention is paid to digital security. This is important not only for protecting the company’s networks but also for the customer data stored in these networks.

But how do you as an organization ensure that you have the right knowledge and resources that are important for securing your business? How do you ensure that cybersecurity is in line with business goals? And what do you need to do to keep the cyber threats to a minimum? We will learn you all about this, but first the basics.

Cybersecurity risks

What is a cyber threat?

At first glance, a cyber threat doesn’t look like a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, this is often the case. It’s all about hackers trying to access a company’s (or an individual’s) networks, trying to get to confidential data.

We can briefly describe the goal of cybercriminals, namely: money. To achieve this goal, hackers lock your data. Do you want to unlock this data? There is a good chance that the hacker will ask for a large amount of money in return.

Criminals use various methods to gain access to your data. For example, they will look for vulnerabilities in the software or send an email containing a link, which at first seems harmless. It is often indicated that you have won a prize or must go through a few steps to keep your data safe. but nothing is as it seems. The link contains a virus that is activated when you click on it. Once invaded, the virus can damage files and even the entire network.

Why is cybersecurity so important for SMEs?

Maybe you think I'm a small business, cybercriminals are not interested in me. But that is wrong! Because you do not have the right cyber security solutions, you are even an easier target for them, and that will help them to get the bigger fish.

Attacks SMEs

64% of all cybercrime is within SMEs

Human error's

95% of all hacks and data breaches are the result of human error

Damage cyber crime costs
High costs

A cyber incident costs an SME company on average ‚ā¨50,000.

How can you protect your business for cyber threats?

Smaller companies need to have good cybersecurity. Cybersecurity protects against criminals who want to access sensitive information or take over your networks.

Your devices

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security focuses on protecting software and devices against threats. A device or application that is infected can grant access to the data it is supposed to protect by design.

Your connections

Network Security

Network security is securing a computer and internet network against intruders, targeted attackers, or opportunistic malware.

Your data

Information Security

Information security protects the integrity and privacy of all the data you have, during storage and transmission. The main purpose of information security is that the theft or leaks of information is not possible.

Take a deep dive

Cybersecurity resources

Cybersecurity for people

End-user protection

But no matter how well you protect everything, you are never 100% protected. It is often an individual who accidentally downloads malware or has an easy and unsafe password. Therefore it is essential to train your people to be aware of cybersecurity.

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Monitoring & detection

Because of all the risks for cybersecurity today, the best solution is to have a cybersecurity tool that will monitor your internet and detect cyber threats, like Guardey. Cybercriminals are very good at hacking your traditional cyber security tools like a firewall, virus scanner, or even the persons who work with the devices. Therefore blocking threats is not the best and only solution nowadays. When you monitor everything, nothing is unseen, and you know directly when there is behavior that is not correct.

Your Plug & Play Cybersecurity solution
Secure internet connection

Using a business VPN

One of the ways you can improve your cybersecurity for your business is by using a business VPN, Virtual Private Network. This ensures a secure connection between you and the internet. If you use a VPN, the internet traffic is sent through an encrypted virtual tunnel. This means you are anonymous on the internet, and you can use the internet more safely.

What if?

Cybersecurity policy

We advise every organization to create a cybersecurity policy. A cybersecurity policy is a written document that contains behavioral and technical guidelines for all employees to ensure maximum protection from cybersecurity incidents and ransomware attacks. The policy contains information about your company or an organization’s security policies, procedures, technological safeguards, and operational countermeasures in case of a cybersecurity incident.

Because even when you do everything right, there is always a chance of a cyber attack or data leak. Therefore it is vital that you, and your team, also know what to do when there is a cyber threat.

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