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Don’t let malware take control over your company

Malware, also known as malicious software, can get your business into a lot of trouble. Protect your business from all the problems malware can cause.

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Malware can be fatal for your company

There are dozens of types of malware that can be fatal for your business. This increases the chance of hackers succeeding, but makes it more difficult for you and your team to prevent.


Hackers sell data for big money

Hackers are almost always after money. By infecting the devices within your company, hackers gradually get their hands on more and more sensitive information that they can sell for big money.

Don’t go out of business

Hackers don’t just infect your business with malware for money. Some hackers only intend to shut down your business. These kind of jokes end up costing you a lot of money and take away the trust of your customers.

Be aware of malware

The last thing you want for your company is for the entire company to come to a standstill. That is why you want to inform yourself and your team as well as possible about all kinds of malware.

With the Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform you are guaranteed that your team will learn all the details about malware step by step. Hackers don’t stand a chance anymore.


Game on

Guardey’s Security Awareness Training Platform offers a balanced learning experience that contributes to an environment of constant improvement. Achieving sustainable behavioral change does not happen automatically. In practice, this requires a lot of training and repetition, for which someone must be motivated to learn new behavior and be involved in the process.

Security Awareness Training

Weekly challenges

Avoid awkward situations by increasing your knowledge with our weekly challenges, which can be completed in 2-3 minutes.

  • Each employee starts his own fictitious company that he must protect against online threats.
  • The individual challenges are part of a module. Because they come back regularly, the subjects from the modules remain top of mind.
  • The employee receives a notification and an e-mail when a new challenge is ready.
  • New challenges are available in different languages every month.
Leaderboard kopie


The leaderboard is used to keep employees engaged.

  • Successful completion of a challenge will earn employees money and increase their image score.

  • Levels will be assigned to them based on their scores. The challenges are more advanced, based on their level.

  • You can find out how employees rank within the company and globally on a leaderboard.

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Challenge overview


Employees can achieve goals and maintain motivation by performing tasks.

  • There’s a possibility of over a hundred wins.

  • Make accomplishments that only your company can make.


Check out every analytics report. Administrators can view general company information as well as analytics that employees can see.

  • Evaluate the users’ development.

  • Inspect the certifications and skill levels of the users.

  • To stay informed, obtain monthly or weekly summary reports.

  • It is possible to export the analysis.


Create and customize Guardey with policies for your organization or just for a particular group.

  • Modify the default settings for your company as a whole or just for a specific group by overriding them.

  • Change the content to reflect your struggles or successes.

  • Set the highest risk areas for your firm in order of importance.

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