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Take control of your company’s privacy

Hackers can access sensitive information through cracks and holes in your company's cybersecurity. Turn the tide and take control of the fate of your privacy.

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Don’t let hackers control your privacy

The privacy of your team and your company is of great importance. Therefore, the internet traffic within your company mustn’t end up in the hands of hackers.


Hackers make money from your data

If hackers track down confidential data within your company, the euro coins will fly around their ears. This sensitive information is highly sought after by several parties.

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A privacy breach is always lurking

Whoever uses the internet always risks a privacy breach. Although it is not legal, hackers hunt the internet traffic within your company like hungry wolves. To protect your privacy, the roles must be reversed.

Takte the right measures

It’s time hackers stopped intruding on your privacy. With the right measures and training, you and your team can take up the fight against hackers who infringe on privacy at company’s.

With Guardey’s business VPN connections and Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform, your company will gradually regain its privacy!


Game on

Sustainable behavioral change cannot be achieved automatically. In practice, this requires a lot of training and experience. That’s why it’s important that your team gets motivated to learn new behaviors and stay involved during this process. Our Security Awareness Training Platform provides a balanced learning experience that contributes to an environment of constant improvement.

Security Awareness Training

Weekly challenges

To avoid annoying situations, you can increase your knowledge with our weekly challenges, which can be completed in 2-3 minutes.

  • Employees start a fictitious company that they must protect against online threats.
  • The individual challenges are part of a module. The topics remain top of mind because the modules recur regularly.
  • As soon as a new challenge is ready, the employee receives a notification and an e-mail.
  • New challenges are available every month in different languages.
Leaderboard kopie


To keep employees engaged, a leaderboard is used.

  • They will earn money and increase their image score if they successfully complete the challenge.

  • Based on their scores, levels will be assigned to them. Based on their level, the challenges are more advanced.

  • Find out how employees rank within the company and globally on a leaderboard.

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Challenge overview


By performing tasks, employees can accomplish goals and keep their motivation high.

  • There’s a chance of getting more than a hundred wins.

  • Make achievements that only your business can achieve.


Check out every analytics report. Administrators can access general company data in addition to the analytics that employees can view.

  • Analyze the users’ development.

  • Check the certifications and skill levels of the users.

  • To stay informed, obtain weekly or monthly summary reports.

  • You can export the analysis.


Create and modify Guardey’s policies to fit your company or the needs of a specific group.

  • You can change the default settings for your company as a whole or just for a certain group by overriding them.

  • Utilize knowledge to accomplish goals or solve issues.

  • Pick the regions that pose the biggest risk to your business.

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