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Be aware of the dangers of the internet

Danger is in a small corner. You should also be careful on the internet. Prepare yourself and your team well for any problems that may come.

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The internet is a dangerous place

From hackers who monitor your company’s internet traffic to malicious advertisements on websites. The internet can be a very dangerous place to be.


Hackers like to earn some pocket money

Hackers are eager to get a glimpse into your company’s internet traffic. Valuable data like this generates tons of money. Coincidentally, hackers like to earn a nice pocket money.

One click can cause big problems

Malicious software is also lurking. One click on the wrong link or downloading a malicious file and a hacker has full access to your company’s systems.

Use the internet safely

Of course you want to protect your company against the danger. We understand that it can be complicated to inform your team of the danger yourself. That’s why Guardey founded the Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform.

With this platform, you and your team are trained to use the internet safely.


Game on

Achieving sustainable behavioral change does not happen automatically. In practice, this requires a lot of training and repetition. Our Security Awareness Training Platform offers a balanced learning experience that contributes to an environment of continuous improvement. This way you ensure that someone vomits motivated to learn new behavior and to stay involved during this process.

Security Awareness Training

Weekly challenges

With our weekly challenges, which can be completed in 2-3 minutes, you will increase your knowledge and avoid unpleasant situations.

  • An employee starts a fictitious company that he must protect against online threats.
  • All individual challenges are part of a module. The topics remain top of mind because the modules recur regularly.
  • The employee receives a notification and an email as soon as a new challenge is ready.
  • New challenges in different languages are available every month.
Leaderboard kopie


A leaderboard is used to keep employees engaged.

  • If they succeed in the task, they will receive money and see an improvement in their image score.

  • Their levels will be determined by their scores. The difficulties are more difficult based on their level.

  • Learn where employees stand on a leaderboard both within the organization and globally.

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Challenge overview


Employees can achieve goals and remain motivated by completing assignments.

  • More than one hundred wins could be possible.

  • Make accomplishments that only your company can make.


View each analytics report. Employees can view their analytics, but administrators can also see overall information about your business.

  • Assess the progress of users.

  • Examine the users’ skill levels and download certifications.

  • Obtain weekly or monthly summary reports to stay informed.

  • Export the analysis.


Create and alter Guardey’s policies to suit your business or a particular group.

  • By overriding them, you can modify the default settings for your firm as a whole or simply for a certain group.

  • Use knowledge to attain goals or address problems.

  • Choose the areas that represent the greatest risk to your company.

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