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Don't let hackers fish for your data

Hackers regularly try to find out your team's data in a devious way. Phishing is one of the techniques that hackers use for this.

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Hackers are just a text message away

The danger is in a small corner. Hackers use bogus messages to get their hands on your team’s data. Whether it concerns credit card details or confidential company data, all information is of interest to a hacker.

A goldmine of information

It only takes one click on a malicious link to give a hacker access to your entire company network. For hackers, this is a goldmine of information.

Business data is in high demand. Different parties pay big money to get their hands on a company’s data. You are also a target!

Phishing in all shapes and sizes

Phishing usually happens via an email or text message. Some hackers even have the guts to make a phone call.

CEO fraud is one of the most sophisticated forms of phishing. In 2018, a hacker defrauded the Dutch cinema chain Pathé for no less than 19 million euros.

Check, check, double check

Guardey’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform teaches your team to recognize phishing messages through gamification. This way, you are ensured that messages are only handled after a check, check, double check.


Game on

How do you motivate someone to learn new behaviour? And to stay involved in the process? Sustainable behavioral change does not happen by itself. This requires a lot of practice and repetition in practice. Guardey’s Security Awareness Training Platform offers a balanced learning experience that contributes to an environment in which continuous improvement is central.

Security Awareness Training

Weekly challenges

With our weekly challenges, which can be completed in 2-3 minutes, you will increase your knowledge and awareness about cybersecurity, to avoid unpleasant situations.

  • All employees start a fictitious company and must ensure that online threats are kept out.
  • All challenges are part of a module. The subjects from the modules will return regularly so that this remains top of mind.
  • We send a notification and email to the employee to start the new challenge.
  • Monthly new challenges in different languages.
Leaderboard kopie


The leaderboard encourages employees to stay engaged.

  • By completing challenges, employees earn income and increase their image scores.
  • Employees get ranked on a level based on their scores. The challenges are more advanced based on their level.
  • The leaderboard shows the ranking of employees within the company and worldwide.

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Challenge overview


By performing tasks, employees can achieve achievements to motivate them.

  • Reach over 100 achievements.
  • Develop achievements that only your organization can achieve.


View all analytics in the dashboard. Employees see their own analytics here, but as an administrator you can see the analytics of your organization.

  • Tracks the  progress of users.
  • Download certificates and management competencies.
  • With weekly or monthly summary reports you stay informed.


Configure and customize Guardey for your company or just for a specific group of policies.

  • You can ignore the default settings and adjust all settings for your organization or only for a specific group.
  • Customize your content in challenges or achievements.
  • Prioritize the highest-risk topics in your organization.
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