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A strong password is key to succes

Simple passwords are the key to success for hackers. By creating strong passwords, we can deprive hackers of this key.

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One password, dozens of accounts

Employees in the Netherlands manage an average of 67 passwords per person. That’s no mean feat to remember them all! It is logical that we often choose the same passwords. However, the flip side of this story is that hackers only need to crack a few passwords to whiz through all an employee’s accounts.

Hackers like to take the gamble

123456 is the most used password worldwide. Not only do we know this, but hackers also know this too. Therefore, it is worth the gamble for hackers to give the password 123456 a try as soon as they set their sights on an employee’s account. After all, they have nothing to lose.

A strong password keeps hackers away

With strong passwords you protect your company and your team. But what is a strong password? We give a sneak preview.

123456, qwerty, and password are not strong passwords. Chances are that the passwords of several employees in your company are on this list.

Turn your team into true password professionals

Almost every account within your company requires a password. To prevent hackers from accessing all accounts, your team needs to know how to create a strong password.

Guardey’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform trains your team to become experts in strong passwords, using gamification.


Game on

How do you assure that someone becomes motivated to learn new behavior? And stay involved during this process? Attaining sustainable behavioral change does not happen by itself. This demands a lot of training and repetition in practice. Our Security Awareness Training Platform offers a balanced learning experience that contributes to an environment in which constant improvement is central.

Security Awareness Training

Weekly challenges

Avoid unpleasant situations by increasing your knowledge with our weekly challenges, which can be completed in 2-3 minutes.

  • Every employee begins a fictional company and must secure their company against online threats.
  • The individual challenges are part of a module. The subjects from the modules remain top of mind because they will return regularly.
  • When a new challenge is ready, the employee receives a notification and email.
  • Monthly, there will be new challenges available in various languages.
Leaderboard kopie


With the leaderboard we encourage employees to remain involved.

  • Employees will make income and increase their image score with complete successfully challenges.
  • They will rank on a level based on their scores. The challenges are more advanced, based on the level.
  • You can see the ranking of employees on a leaderboard within the company and worldwide. 

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Challenge overview


To stay motivated, employees can earn achievements by completing tasks.

  • More than 100 accomplishments can be reached.
  • Develop custom-made accomplishments that only your organization can achieve.


See all the analytics in the dashboard. Employees can see their analytics, but as an admin, it is also possible to see the analytics of your company.

  • Measure the improvement of users.
  • Supervise the competencies of users and download certificates.
  • Remain updated with weekly or monthly summary reports.
  • Export all analytics.


Set up and customize Guardey for your company or just for a specific group with policies.

  • Overrule standard settings and customize all settings for your company or just a specific group.
  • Customize the content for challenges or achievements.
  • Prioritize the highest-risk subjects in your company.
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