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Same work, different place

Working remotely has become increasingly popular in recent years. Your team no longer comes to the office every day. They decides for themselves where they go to work.

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Work anywhere in the world

Whether it is from home or from a beautiful holiday country like Italy, your employees have the option to work anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, this also entails the necessary risks.

Out of office security

Your company’s office network is most likely well secured. But what about your team’s security when they’re away from the office? There is a good chance that this security is not good enough.

Poor security, major problems

Poor security for your team can cause major problems. This gives hackers easy access to your company’s systems and important information. That’s the last thing you want.

Security outside the office walls

Put your company’s security first. With the right training and measures, your team is well prepared when they work outside the office walls.

Guardey’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform is the perfect tool to train your team. Your team’s security will soon be better than ever!


Game on

Realizing sustainable behavioral change requires a lot of training and repetition, for which someone must be motivated to learn new behavior and be involved in the process. Our Security Awareness Training Platform offers a balanced learning experience that contributes to an environment of continuous improvement.

Security Awareness Training

Weekly challenges

You complete our weekly challenges in 2-3 minutes, with which you can increase your knowledge to avoid unpleasant situations.

  • Your employees begin their own fictitious company that they have to protect against online threats.
  • Each challenge is part of a module. The topics remain top of mind because the modules recur regularly.
  • The employee receives a notification and an e-mail if a new challenge is ready.
  • New challenges are available every month in different languages.
Leaderboard kopie


The leaderboard encourages workers to remain interested.

  • For completing challenges, employees will be paid, and their image score will improve.

  • Depending on how they perform, levels will be given. The difficulties increase as their levels go up.

  • A leaderboard allows you to view a person’s position locally and worldwide.

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Challenge overview


Successful and motivated employees are those who finish their work on time.

  • More than one hundred successes are achievable.

  • Make achievements that are unique to your company.


View every analytics report on the dashboard. Employees can view individual analytics, but administrators can also see the data of your business.

  • Assess the growth of users.

  • Check the users’ skill levels and download certifications.

  • Receive weekly or monthly summary reports to stay informed.

  • Export every analysis.


Set up and personalize Guardey with policies for your business or simply for a selected group.

  • Override the default settings and modify them all for your business or just one particular group.

  • Adapt the content to your challenges or achievements.

  • Prioritize your company’s top risk areas.

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