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Hacking Human Traits

The goodness of your team brings positivity and productivity to your company and brings out the evil in hackers.

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Character traits offer opportunities

Humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity. Hackers take advantage of human characteristics to commit a cyber attack.


Hackers play with character traits

As humans, we are curious, we trust others, we experience fear and greed, and ignorance is a characteristic. When hackers carry out a cyber attack by playing on human characteristics we call it social engineering. 

Hackers hack human characteristics

These hackers, also known as social engineers, hack human characteristics. There is a good chance that your team won’t realise in time that they are the next victim.

Outsmart social engineers

There is one keyword to fight against social engineering, and that is security awareness. By making your team aware of a hacker’s way of thinking, they can better protect themselves and the company against cyber attacks.

With Guardey’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform, the awareness of your team is increased. This way, your team, and your company will always outsmart the social engineers!


Game on

How do you assure that someone becomes motivated to learn new behavior? And stay involved during this process? Attaining sustainable behavioral change does not happen by itself. This demands a lot of training and repetition in practice. Our Security Awareness Training Platform offers a balanced learning experience that contributes to an environment in which constant improvement is central.

Security Awareness Training

Weekly challenges

You complete our weekly challenges in 2-3 minutes, with which you can increase your knowledge to avoid annoying situations.

  • Employees start their own fictitious companies that they must protect against online threats.
  • Each challenge is part of a module. The subjects from the modules remain top of mind because they come back regularly.
  • If a new challenge is ready, the employee receives a notification and an e-mail.
  • New challenges are available every month in different languages.
Leaderboard kopie


The leaderboard encourages workers to remain interested.

  • For completing challenges, employees will be paid, and their image score will improve.

  • Depending on how well they perform, they will receive levels. The challenges increase in difficulty based on their level.

  • You can monitor where people stand both within the company and globally on a leaderboard.

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Challenge overview


Employees who finish their assignments are more motivated and successful.

  • More than one hundred successes are achievable.

  • Make achievements that only your company can make.


Check out each analytics report on the dashboard. Employees can view individual statistics, but administrators also have access to your company’s information.

  • Analyse the development of users.

  • Evaluate the users’ skills and levels of expertise.

  • Get weekly or monthly summaries to remain informed.

  • Export every study.


Create and adjust Guardey with policies that are specific to your business or a selected group.

  • By overriding them, you can adjust the default settings for your firm as a whole or simply for a certain group.

  • Apply knowledge to your problems or achievements.

  • Decide which areas have the greatest risk to your company.

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