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Guard your email with lock and key

Consider how much sensitive information is in your team's mailbox. It is understandable that hackers want access to a mailbox.

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Hackers like to look at your Email

The average employee checks their mailbox 36 times an hour. That is more than two times per minute. We do this to look up important information that we have received. Hackers also like to take a look at your emails.

Your Email is worth a fortune

Poorly secured emails are most attractive to hackers. Once they get into your mailbox, the hackers can be swimming in money. The information in your mailbox is equivalent to a fortune for a hacker.

Beschermd tegen hackers

Secure the mailboxes

It is essential to protect all email accounts. Hackers don’t need to know what emails are sent and received within your company! At least, we think so. Hackers have different opinions.

Ultimately secured Email accounts

With Guardey’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform, your team learns to protect all email accounts through gamification. So that hackers no longer stand a chance.


Game on

Achieving sustainable behavioral change does not happen automatically. In practice, this requires a lot of training and repetition. But how do you ensure that someone is motivated to learn new behavior? And stay involved during this process? Our Security Awareness Training Platform offers a balanced learning experience that contributes to an environment of continuous improvement.

Security Awareness Training

Weekly challenges

Increase your knowledge and awareness about cybersecurity to avoid unpleasant situations with our weekly challenges, which can be done within 2-3 minutes.

  • Every employee starts his own fictitious company and must ensure that online threats are kept out.
  • Each challenge is part of a module. The topics from the modules will return regularly, so that this remains top of mind.
  • Notification and email sent to the employee to start the new challenge.
  • Every month new challenges in different languages.
Leaderboard kopie


With the leaderboard we stimulate that employees stay engaged.

  • Employees will earn income and increase their image score with complete successfully challenges.
  • Based on their scores they will rank in a level. Based on the level, the challenges are more advanced.
  • The ranking of employees is visible on a leaderboard within the company and worldwide.

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Challenge overview


To motivate employees, employees can earn achievements by completing tasks.

  • More than 100 achievements can be reached.
  • Create custom-made achievements which only your organization can achieve.


See all the analytics in the dashboard. Employees can see their own analytics, but as admin you can also see the analytics of your organization.

  • Measure the progress of users.
  • Manage competencies of users and download certificates.
  • Stay up to date with weekly or monthly summary reports.
  • Export all analytics.


Set up and customize Guardey for your organization or just for a specific group with policies.

  • Overrule default settings and customize all settings for your organization or just a specific group.
  • Customize your own content in challenges or achievements.
  • Prioritize the highest risk topics in your organization.
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