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Gamified phishing training

Train your employees to recognize and report phishing with engaging, bite-sized challenges.

Why gamification beats traditional e-learning

Guardey keeps users engaged with a fun storyline and a leaderboard to encourage friendly competition. Users build up knowledge and phishing awareness over time by playing short, regular challenges.

Guardey's insights dashboard

Comply with ISO 27001, NIS 2, NEN 7510, and more

Measuring your phishing program’s effectiveness is essential to complying with most information security standards. Keep track of performance and find knowledge gaps with real-time analytics and weekly reports.

Loved by employees, security teams, and CISOs

“Being ISO 27001 certified comes with many responsibilities for our employees. This means we have to make our staff aware of cyber threats and be able to show that we’re doing enough to do so. That's why we use Guardey.”

Dan Roozemond

Data science lead
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“Together with the Guardey team, we came up with an email centered around a Christmas gift voucher that we send out every year. I was curious about how our employees would react. It turns out that quite a few employees clicked the phishing link and even entered personal data. This made it clear that we had to start training security awareness.”

Marcel Versluis

IT manager
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“After receiving a lot of phishing emails, we decided to do a phishing test last year to test the cyber awareness of our employees. During this test, we sent fake emails to see how many would click a possibly harmful link. The result? 29.4% did, which was higher than expected. After using Guardey for only a few weeks the scores had improved by 84%.”

Guardey customer quote - Oke BV

Michael van Nol

Algemeen Directeur
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